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How to Make a Landing Page Popular

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Posted by steve on July 6, 2011 at 6:53 am

Now, you’ve jumped right into internet marketing and you have been busy lately trying to build a quality website in your niche. You have an auto responder, you’ve hired people to do encryption and you have a shopping cart. You have content on your website, with several videos, download links, audios and digital products to offer. You’ve chosen your prices, secured your domain name and set up your web hosting. You even have several back up plans for your website to make it a great place for people to shop. In short, now you have a site that you can make money off over the internet. Now, all your site needs is the magic that makes earning possible online… traffic.

First, you need to make your website search engine friendly. This involves looking at your website from a search engine’s point of view and identifying the words that people would use to find your site. Your first step to generating massive amount of traffic is to look for keywords that your site can compete for. If you really need to attract traffic through search engine optimization, brainstorming your your traffic generation scheme will involve sourcing out these words and phrases related to your niche which have a high demand (aggregate search value) and a low supply (small amount of competing sites). After doing this, you can really start using the keywords to run campaigns.

If, for example, you thing that generating traffic through pay per click (PPC) programs, such as Adwords is a good decision, planning your campaign will entail tuning a number of different pages to fit the keywords you are purchasing.

This is one of the most important reasons why people fail to generate traffic to their sites: they don’t tweak it for the audience they want to attract.

If you have a newsletter series or a product, it could be a good fit for a lot of people from different demographics. A landing page should communicate your exact message for a person who fits the profile of your target market. develop a landing page for each group of people that you want to sell to. Doing this will improve traffic maintenance because you’re communicating on a personal level with each and every person that views your page. PPC promotion to create traffic means testing landing pages that work, and the demographics of your web visitors that actually buy from you as soon as they land on your page.

Finally you can go for article marketing to warm up your potential customers before they go to your landing page. You can also set up article reviews of your sites, or solicit testimonials on other websites all over the internet.

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