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How to Raise Your Rankings with SEO Copywriting

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Posted by steve on May 5, 2011 at 7:45 pm

Lots of people can write content for websites, but not everyone knows what it takes to write for humans and also for search engines like Google so that they can get top ranking for their keywords. You must learn the systematic process of writing copy so that you can get maximum results. The following are a few SEO copywriting techniques that will help you in your ventures.

For the best results from SEO coypwriting, try to aim at a good content to code ratio. What does that mean? It’s just making sure you have the text for your content balance with your page’s code. You can figure the ratio easily by looking at the HTML within your page’s source code. So a good ratio here is to keep the text higher than your HTML code. This is something that will really impress the search engines if you do it the right way. So you’ll see better results with more content. Create plenty of good content with less code and you’ll see an improvement in your search engine rankings.

You need to make sure you’re grabbing the reader’s attention in every way along with impressing the search engines. You can often do this by utilizing bold text when necessary. This will let readers know what words are important and this will hook them. Google will see those bold words as very useful and will put them above all others.

The search engine giant takes into consideration any element that the readers will find useful, and uses it for ranking the content. The content you write must be balanced between assisting your audience as well as the search engines when it comes to your page’s ranking.

A common techniqued used to combine SEO (off-page) with content creation is making use of article spinners such as the best spinner.
When you use tags the right way you’ll rank higher with the search engines and you’ll also be able to organize your content better. So when you’re writing the title of the page, make sure you use the h1 tag because it’s positively seen by Google. You must ensure that you use the keywords in your title as well as the content you’re writing. There are many SEO marketers that fail to use h1 tags when creating their headings because they don’t see that it can give them a boosted search engine ranking. You should also use h2 tags for all subheadings.

You now see that SEO copywriting isn’t hard, but you should always remember the tips you just learned about so that you can get maximum results.

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