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How To Realize Increased Conversions Applying The Strength of Consistency In Your Internet marketing

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Posted by steve on August 1, 2011 at 9:56 am

There are a number of important elements of online marketing that are not commonly talked about, and remaining consistent during your marketing is one of them. Probably it is safe to think that it is only overlooked by many who publish about business. If you forget to take advantage of this simple to figure out idea, then your campaigns will not produce the kind of earnings you desire. What is involved with this idea of consistency has everything to do with the nature of people and ways we respond to our world. You need to consider about how we behave when something happens that is unexpected in certain circumstances. The end result is we have a tendency to want to refrain from seeing it, and that implies leaving your site, blog and business.

It is a great idea to provide an illustration, so we will look at the simple optin situation that employs a squeeze page. We have all seen and used squeeze pages when somebody is building an email list for online marketing. One typical experience is to be routed to a site after entering our contact information. The business person behind it has the decision to reveal a site or put it off until later. The strategy and practice of consistency will come into play here in a fairly significant manner.

The all round, typically unfamiliar, feeling experienced by the prospect will be impacted by the style and overall color pattern of the squeeze page and the following site that is viewed. If the contrast is sufficient, then that is inconsistency and will produce an uneasy affect on the person. The clear answer to this is merely make the squeeze page much more similar to the subsequent site that is viewed.

Another pertinent situation applies to all the affiliate marketers and the way they approach their marketing. Review sites are popular due to the fact they can be very effective, and the usual scenario is for a review page to have at least one outgoing link to a seller site, if not more. Of course you cannot accommodate all the different vendor sales page designs. What is attainable, and successful, is to develop a site so it does deliver a smooth transition to the sites you are linking out to. The main point is to never induce a huge contrast because your site is significantly different from anything else. You will have to make an attempt to determine how well colors, layout and overall designs can be relatively inconspicuous so they avoid clashes. So the best approach is to at least try to reduce the contrast as much as achievable.

The next important consideration is all about promotion messages through the written word. We do recognize that most businesses are consistent in the way they talk, or write, to their target audiences.

However as it concerns email marketing, it looks to be much more prevalent for some marketers to deviate in a large manner from what they usually promote in their emails.

This takes place to some amount, but it is not anything we would call rampant or a widespread problem. But yet, we do notice it at least once or twice a week, and so that only means there is a lack of understanding of the need to have consistency in all of our marketing funnels.

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