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How to Really Make Money With twitter

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Posted by steve on August 3, 2011 at 6:04 am

Twitter marketing is taking the world by storm, but many people still don’t really know how to use it properly. Given below are a few such mistakes that you should be aware of.

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Twitter revolves around your ability to form bonds with others and if you’re just seen as a salesman without forming relationships, then people won’t respond to you. It’s important to focus on forming relationships with your contacts before you even think about marketing to them. What you want to do is form such tight relationships with your contacts so that when you do advertise, they’ll think you’re just recommending things. The thing about Twitter marketing is that you’re not really marketing. It’s merely a tool to get to know your target audience. It’s a method to garner trust and to leverage this relationship in order to expose your followers to your products/services. You are basically just solving a problem your followers have, and the answer lies in your product. This can be seen as more of”recommendation marketing” than “direct marketing”. You cannot conquer Twitter unless you get this concept. If you don’t heed the warning, you’re likely to fail. Besides that, you should ask yourself, how would you respond back to someone on Twitter if they directly approached you with an offer, without even telling you about them? You must first tweet with them so that they see you as someone they can trust, and then you can go on to the marketing part.

You have to realize that Twitter is a social network and people don’t want to be bored, they want to read tweets that are interesting and entertaining. As a Twitter marketer, you should tap into this and make it work for you. Your followers will like reading your tweets if you make them funny, fascinating and eclectic. Don’t keep tweeting about the same thing over and over. If you do this, your followers will abandon you. Being dry will only backfire in the long run and make your followers quit you. Your followers will appreciate it if you give them something different and unexpected in your tweets. Over time you’ll realize that this is actually helping you out with your sales and growing your business in an indirect way. It’s possible to be an effective marketer on Twitter while keeping your touch light and friendly.

Avoid making the mistake of using improper language on Twitter when you’re building a relationship with your followers. Cussing and using other language that offends will give you horrible results. Keep in mind that it’s all about appearing professional and conveying an image that you’re someone they can do business with. Using swearwords or cussing will only bring down your reputation and affect it bad.

In conclusion, once you get the hang of Twitter marketing, you’ll find it’s not that hard, so long as you don’t make the kind of missteps mentioned above.

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