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How to Remove Stains form Your Dress Shirts

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Posted by steve on May 16, 2011 at 7:04 am

Extra care should be done to keep the custom made shirts from getting worn-out as this is very expensive. The custom made shirts should at least look new all the time, so getting proper inputs on how to take care of it is essential. But even how tidy you are in bringing the clothes, there are still elements around us that may contribute on getting it stained.


The following tips below will help you get rid of the annoying stain from mens shirts or any other garments that you are wearing.


In getting the stain out from your garments, you need to focus on the removal of the stain on the clothes first. Do not soak the entire fabric on the water yet. Removing the stain adds burden in washing as you need to make extra effort on it.


For the removal of the red wine stains, add a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and hand soap to the mens shirts or any garment. Let it stand for a little while, if you think it is not reapply again the mixture.


For coffee stains, try blotting with a club soda or simply a cold water if no soda is available.


To remove a blood stain, use your saliva and spit over the fresh stain. It is funny but it really works. After that put some hydrogen peroxide. Let it stand for a while and wash it using a hand soap.


For the ink stains, if it is water-based use a detergent soap or powder and water, and try adding some rubbing alcohol if you think it is a from a permanent marker.


If you need to bleach the material, do not apply it directly. Dilute it with water then dab it on the spot or you may soak the fabric in a solution.


After removing the stains, read the fabric tag before washing. If it can be washed, do on a gentle cycle with like colors. If it can’t be, hand wash it instead.



If it is to be dry-cleaned, see to it that you have removed completely the stain before sending it out for a dry cleaning.




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