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How to Use Article Marketing as a Business Tool

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Posted by steve on May 15, 2011 at 9:04 am

One way to make sure your business becomes a hit online is to make it popular. Increased popularity means more revenue and more customers. One way to increase sales is through article submission.

But, wait, writing is not your thing! Sure you have the basic knowledge, but you’re no Shakespeare, right? Even if you aren’t the next news correspondent, writing articles is not as bad as you might imagine. Internet content is for people from all walks of life. Internet content is more a conversation than a literary piece, which means you can use the same language you use everyday.

Content is what we use on business websites, blogs, and social networking sites. Informative content makes people want to read more.

There are sites all over the Internet that are looking for good article submissions. These are the article directories, also known as ezines, that people browse to find articles on popular subjects. To publish articles on these ezines, you will have to create an account and submit articles. The benefit of doing this is that you can add a link going to your websites at the end of the article.

Begin by signing up as an author, take time to read the terms and the FAQs. Article submissions give business owners an opportunity to link to their business website, but the ezine editors need you to follow some rules to do this. Some ezine sites prohibit over-promotion and infomercial-like articles, but they do allow linking to your websites on your bio page. .

Marketing using article directories inform people that a business such as yours exists online. Consistent submission of articles on similar topics will establish you as an expert in the field. If you are into sending candy arrangements, for example, articles about candy arranging or how to cater to parties would be helpful to people. You can build trust by gaining followers and website visitors.

Article submission transforms you into an expert in your field overnight. Ordinary internet users will see you as someone they can rely on to tell them more about a product, or a concept related with their field of interest.

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