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How To Write A Blog

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Posted by steve on June 2, 2011 at 11:45 am

Do you write a blog? Great. Then you know that blogging involves writing (articles on demand), and the more writing you do, the more you will make money blogging. Let’s look at five tips to help you to become an expert blogger.

1. If you write more , the more you earn.

Your primary task is content creation as a blogger. You won’t have traffic, without content , and you won’t have an income without traffic. So content comes first.

However, there are many ways you can create content.

My favorite rather than writing, is to speak.  I use a speech recognition programme on both my Mac and my PC , to help me to create content more quickly. Although you’ll need to train yourself to dictate your thoughts, the time you spend with the program in the first few weeks is amply repaid, because you’ve got more content on your blog or blogs, and thus more traffic.

2. Plan your blog posts each week and month

Planning your blogging is vital. When teaching bloggers, the first habit I encourage them to develop is the habit of planning everything they do. Planning your content is vital, because some days you just don’t feel like writing.

Your plan gets you blogging, on these days because you know exactly what you’re writing about on any given day.

Creating a series is one of my favorite tactics. Writing the series is easy once you’ve planned a series of posts on a particular topic.

A series can be around three to ten posts in length . Here’s an idea: create a “30 days” series – this gives you 30 blog posts to plan in advance. Once you’ve done the planning, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can write the series.

3. Create a network of blogs

One blog, or a network of blogs on the same topic?

Initially, focus on one blog, at least for the first year. Your first, primary blog will build traffic via the search engines, and this foundation of traffic is a real blessing – once you have hundreds of readers each day, you can USE that traffic.

After yourinitial year, I advise that you hive off some of your blogs categories to make new blogs. This is because an enormous blog becomes unwieldy. Posts get buried, and it’s hard to give previous posts the attention they deserve.

4. Where’s the money? Set income goals for your blog

You must set your goals for your blog. Start small: abuck a day. Then increase your income goals by ten times as soon as you reach a goal. So your first goal is a dollar a day, then ten dollars a day, then $100 a day, then $1000 a day, and so on.

5. Boost your traffic : to make alot of money you need a lot of readers.

Finally, as important as writing and content creation in general is, nothing beats marketing your blog. You need to market your blog and get back links, to get more traffic. So do it, every day – it’s not optional, you MUST market your blog.
So, there you have five tips to help you to make money blogging – use them and prosper.

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