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Hulu UK Launch Delayed Yet Again A Scam?

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Posted by steve on April 27, 2011 at 7:38 pm

Over the last partner of years things have changed in the tv stratosphere, the rumblings in the tv industry are saying 2010 is when things change big time. in the final analysis we will see a convergence of telecasting, the internet and video. So why now are things about to change so drastically and what will this mean for you, the viewer?

When we look back over the last few years, the big change is the emergence of an internet protocol standard television (IPTV) standard and the massive changes that have taken abode on the humble PC and its use of the internet. The massive success and growth of online tv players from Hulu in the US to iPlayer in the UK and the many similar TV services. Youtube beapproach a professional tv distribution hub have all changed the perceptions of viewers about the way they watch tv.

Whilst all the live internet tv partnerships have been evolving and growing, another big development has been happening on the traditional television set which will bring the internet to your traditional tv.

 Imagine that you have a limitless spot of channels and that you choose when to watch them. It would make the video and dvr redundant. The online library would have every show and movie ever made just ready and waiting(p) to be watched.

This is the new face of your television set. Widget enabled and internet connected will be the standard for tv sets that are world sold, finally after being talked about for years.  Add to the mix the sheer number of set-top boxes and games consoles that have the ability to stream internet television and video and the future becomes clear.

We can expect to see many new channels due to this ‘hybrid’ having an limitless channel potentiality which will drastically petty(a) the cost to start a new channel. TV will become a realistic ‘watch anywhere’ service. From your TV and onto your PC, on your phone and any number of internet enabled devices.


If you have a good enough memory, you may remembert Hulu promising a UK launch of its online tv service.  Negotiations have been ongoing for over a year, but Hulu is reportedly getting frustrated with broadcasters dithering over the deal on the table. And now the date pencilled in for a Hulu launch is thought to be June 2010, which is a year past its original target.

One of the networks that Hulu had an exclusive deal with was ITV, but new ITV chairperson Archie Norman has flat all deals for a ten week period.  Hulu also has had a punishing time negotiating advertising terms with these companies due to the impression inside the UK television industry that broadcasters should be able to sell their own ad quad and choose exactly which ads run alongside their content. This does not fit in with the Hulu business model.

Hulu may well launch eventually, heretofore the prospect looked very bright when it starting line looked at the UK market, there was no competition. However many new aggregators are here or coming soon. The newly launched SeeSaw is providing everything that Hulu promised and its live right now.

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