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Posted by steve on July 8, 2011 at 11:09 am

IMMACC announced it’s new name in late summertime 2010.  The name stands for Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center.  It is the brainchild of Gerald Van Yerxa and represents the re-branding of the program he launched in January 2008.   When the program was first launched nearly three years ago, it was essentially an ebook company that provided its affiliates with weekly marketing webinars.

The 2008 launch resulted in rapid growth, and the weekly trainings by management were all recorded and archived for future members.  This resulted in hundreds of hours of archived internet marketing content by the summer of 2009.   The program was then re-branded into an online marketing mentoring and training program.   The dramatic growth continued until the summer of 2010 when there was over 700 hours of archived training.   At that point, the Gerald Van Yerxa decided to rename the business IMMACC and increase   the prices   so that they were more inline with the quantity and quality of training available for new members.

IMMACC is designed to assist any home or traditional business in achieving a more effective presence online.  Many of the IMMACC members use the training to market their current businesses, but many of the new members appreciate the advantage of the affiliate program that comes with the membership. 

This affiliate benefit is designed to encourage the mentoring and coaching represented by the name Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center.  Members who sell a affiliate package receive a minimum of $1000.  Additionally, their sponsor also receives an additional of at least $1000.  This pay structure results in members working closely with those that they make sales to so that they can profit from overrides and multiply their efforts.

The IMMACC training program consists of over 150 training theatres covering over 51 different methods of marketing.   All of the online marketing training would be considered “white hat” by SEO specialists.  There is an emphasis in the free, organic, low cost methods of marketing and many members also take advantage of social media to advertise their own brand online.

One unique thing about this program   is that while members are encouraged to market the affiliate program, they are not required to do so as a condition of membership. Members who use the training to expand their traditional business often experience a rapid growth in free traffic.

IMMACC affiliates can obtain significant success if they are disciplined in their marketing and realize that there is no such thing as “get rich quick” on the internet. 

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