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Inexpensive Tips for Online Marketing for Start Ups

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Posted by steve on March 18, 2011 at 9:59 am

New businesses are challenging to manage. Even more so in the current recession. New companies provide plenty of different unique challenges which can be tough to overcome during the best of times. Drafting a business plan, generating financial investment and generating sales are all elements which need a lot of consideration and continual management. Marketing can play a large role in how successful your start-up will be. Depending on the sector of your business, there might be options available specifically to help. For example, if you open a food shop you can offer free events inviting critics and locals and sign up for different review sites to help generate awareness.

One of the areas that many business people fail to make use of is the world of online marketing. Web marketing is an excellent method of generating business (having said that, it may be more beneficial depending on the type of business you have). Lots of customers now use the Internet for more and more; by having an online presence you will certainly boost brand awareness and possible income if you’re in the retail field.

Still, new companies tend to be tight on money and so you may need to tackle online advertising on a small budget. Fortunately you will find several tasks you can do which don’t cost you very much cash whatsoever. Of course, they may need a certain amount of time and you may perhaps feel as if you prefer to invest time in other areas of the business. Nonetheless, if you can give up a little bit of time for these tips then it may pay back.

First of all, selecting a useful domain is essential. You may assume that it is actually just as easy as getting an address which is the same as your business title. This is often totally adequate but if you are able to slot in some keywords into your URL then that might help a lot for site traffic. For example, if your business is called Starline, and it sells fishing merchandise, a great example of a domain might be something along the lines of “”. This helps search engines, like Google, find the site more effectively.

Additionally, it is crucial to have a high search ranking. Most of the clicks via search engines arrive from the first few positions. Very little is through the lower pages. In order to do this, search engines implement intricate and potent calculations to verify how applicable and valuable your site is to the web search. One of several most significant elements of this is the amount of incoming back links.

Your site can obtain incoming back links in numerous ways. This takes place after some time as people begin to link to the site more. However you may accelerate this process with a few strategies. Firstly you can write articles or blog posts and then syndicate all of them to article directories. You will be able to receive two or three hyperlinks back to the website with appropriate key phrases. Using the example previously mentioned, the keywords could be ‘fresh water fishing’ or ‘fishing equipment’. Linking to your site by using these types of key phrases will then mean that when search engines locate the links, you are usually then also a lot more likely to appear in searches for these keywords.

Yet another way that search engines figure out precisely how relevant the site is is by the caliber of the links you get. Page rank, though questioned as being relevant, is a helpful indication of how ‘good’ a website actually is. The better the page ranking, the greater the benefit a link from there will be. For instance, if you get a link back from a page rank 10 website (most likely impossible) then your own website’s page rank will also increase and search engines will rank you higher as well. You can achieve this with a couple of techniques: requesting link exchanges, paying for links (however this is widely frowned upon), submitting your site to social bookmarking websites and web directories. Save all your bookmarks and websites online and you will normally find a high page rank link back to your site. Some of these may also allow you to import all your bookmarks so you can create links very quickly.

These suggestions are just a small idea of what you can do. At the end of the day, naturally creating links to your website, will eventually, over time, improve the online presence and thus improve user interaction and the level of potential users. If you have the budget, feel free to pay for web advertising by using PPC campaigns (pay per click marketing). Nonetheless, if you try and follow some of the tips above then you should eventually see an improvement in website traffic.

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