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Internet Marketing Research, 4 Reasons Why It’s Important

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Posted by steve on May 16, 2011 at 10:41 am

Would you walk into a car dealership blindfolded, walk around until you bump into a car and buy it sight unseen?

Would you even buy a car without driving it?


Many people make blind decisions every day with their online businesses. They put very little if any though or effort into their internet marketing research.

Why is this? Why would anyone dive in with such clueless wild abandon?

I believe it’s mainly due to people not knowing how to conduct simple internet marketing research in their market and business.

Here are 4 ways to easily get a handle on what’s happening in your market and determine what you should be doing to jumpstart your efforts. 

1) Simple keyword research.  Do keyword research. 

Amazingly few people do keyword research into their market. It has an overwhelming stigma attached to it of being difficult and confusing. But with a little practice keyword research can be quick and easy. Google Adwords is a rock solid platform for conducting keyword research. It’s just a matter of getting in the habit and knowing what to do. If you are still unconvinced look at it this way, if you are focusing on the wrong keywords or keywords that are too competitive then you are largely wasting your time. Take the keyword “real estate” for example. If you are a small operation you have no chance of becoming competetive for that keyword. There are large teams of SEO specialists dedicated to optimizing websites for that keyword. In addition they probably have a massive budget to work with. That leads us into point #2 More business owners should be doing keyword research into their market. Unfortunately many people view any kind of internet marketing research as time consuming and confusing. However once you get the hang of keyword research and find some tools you like it’s not difficult at all. Google Adwords is a great place to start doing your internet marketing research. You may not even know it if you are focusing on a highly competitive keyword that you have no chance of ranking for. Doing internet marketing research will allow you to determine the best keywords for you to focus on, which brings us to step #2. 

2) Look for keywords that have about 100,000 searches per month or a little less.  Less is more when it comes to niche keyword research. The magic number is 100,000 

This is a ball park figure of course, but the idea here is to find keywords without so much competition and pressure. You can still make plenty of money focusing on niche keywords and you should be able to actually rank in the search engines. This means that when your chosen keyword is searched for your site should show up in the first few pages of Google.  This is a rough number of course, use it as a guide in your internet marketing research. If you can find keywords in your market that receive 100,000 or less searches per month then you’ve found good ones to focus on. Use these keywords on your website, your blog posts, and your articles. A keyword that receives many hundreds of thousands of searches per month is likely to be highly competitive. You will have a hard time ranking for these more competitive keywords. You’ll get much better results with the slightly less popular keywords. 

3) Do you know who your average customer is? Who is your average stereotypical customer? 

What is the stereotype customer for your business? Are they divorced, over 40 and balding? What kinds of hobbies do they have? Political persuasion? All these things are important to know because you’ll communicate in a completely different manner with a video game geek as you will with a 50 year old businessman who drives a BMW. They have completely different vocabularies and expectations.  Do your customers like to play video games and drink espresso? What is their median income? Where do they shop? What exactly do they want? Finding out this information is key. You’ll write a completely different email broadcast if you know it’s going out to cooking buffs as you will people who like to eat nachos for breakfast lunch and dinner. 

4) Do you know what your prospective customers want? What do your customers want? 

There is a distinct possibility that you are promoting the wrong thing to your customers. Do some internet marketing research and find out. This is easy to do and the results may surprise you. If you have a list of subscribers the easiest way is to do an ASK campaign also works well. In either of these services you can do your internet marketing research by putting together a survey asking what it is your customers need. Do they want coaching? Templates? A product that teaches free traffic generation techniques? Once you know the answer you can provide the solution. Never ever promote what you think people should have. Who cares what you think? Instead sell them what they want. If I want to buy a Ford there is no way you are going to convince me to buy a Toyota. I’ll go find someone else who is willing to sell me the Ford instead of the guy pushing Toyota’s on everyone.  So many marketers make the critical mistake of promoting what THEY think their customers want as opposed to what the customers themselves actually want. You won’t sell steak knives to vegetarians, it doesn’t matter how much you think they need steak knives. The vegetarian customers will go buy vegetable peelers from someone else who is selling what THEY want. The trick here is finding out what your customers desire. This can be accomplished several ways. One great way to conduct internet marketing research with your customers is to use surveys. Another newer method is Youtube. You create a channel and begin adding videos related to your topic. Then once you have some viewers start inviting them to ask a video question. Keep an eye on the threads of these questions and note any common needs and concerns. Then figure out how you can help them out and do it! 

Internet marketing research is fun and profitable once you get the hang of it. Try out some of these tips today and see what you find. The results may impress you. If you need additional insight take a look at the online business advice at 

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