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Internet TV on The Rise Again As US Figures Skyrocket For Life

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Posted by steve on March 28, 2011 at 7:56 am

Comscore have released the latest live internet tv viewing figures for September, and the trend is up, up, up. Watching Internet TV in the USA has hit record levels again for the month of September with figures of nearly 26 billion videos watched throughlyout the month. Watched by over 168 million US Internet viewers, so says comScore Video Metrix.
The common? suspects occupy top musca volitans, with YouTube responsible for over 40% of that listing. Delivering around 10.5 billion videos viewed, or 40 percent of all videos watched on the net. accounted for 99% of all videos seen. Hulu came in second with 583 million (2.2%) followed by Fox Interactive Media with 547 million videos viewed (2.1%) and Viacom Digital with 513 million (2%).
Over 168 million viewers watched an average of 154 videos per viewer during the month of September. Google sites attracted more than 126 million unique viewers during the month (82.7 videos per viewer), followed by Fox Interactive Media with 58 million viewers (9.4 videos per viewer) and Yahoo! Sites with 57 million viewers (7.5 videos per viewer).

Looking to the future, expect the trend in development to continue, however with the new internet enabled tv technology and the rise of online video sites in oecumenical. Unless Youtube can keep on top of the internet tv game, they may just start slithering in the next few months.

Sony have been dabbling in the world of digital downloads, including movies for a while with its successful PlayStation Network. The network has over 33 million users during its first 3 years of organism providing a combination of free and paid content.

The come with is looking to gain an edge in the increasingly tough consumer electronics market. Kaz Hirai, executive vice president of Sony commented:- “I’d like it to get off the fundament as quickly as possible. to begin with in the year is more preferable.”
The PlayStation Network presently offers content from all the major Hollywood studios and several TV networks in addition to Sony’s own content and Sony hopes to twinned this on the new online service.

“The first priority is for us to make sure the Sony Online Service is a point of note for all Sony devices. Given what we bring to the table, the range of content and breadth of hardware in combination, if done adept will be a successful formula,” he said.

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