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Introductory Facts About Web Hosting

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Posted by steve on March 29, 2011 at 2:48 pm

Web hosting service is needed for any business company and individual to set up their own website as it helps the websites to appear online. The database and platform needed for the construction of websites are availed by the help of web hosting services. With the aid of high-speed servers, web hosting services offer subscriber packages such as website storage on a particular server, email services and auto-responders, and sometimes domain registration too.

Web hosts use Windows or Linux as operating platforms; the former is designed to function on a Windows computer, while the latter is designed particularly for web server applications. They also make use of scripting languages like PHP (hypertext preprocessor), ASP (active server pages) and Perl. The scope of services provided by web hosting companies varies. For example, Hostgator, which is among the largest companies around the globe that provide web hosting services, also offers a plethora of additional services such as domain registration, web design, script installation, SSL certificates and merchant services.  

Whether it be a personal web portal with only a single page or a large company website with numerous pages and complex structure, web hosting companies take care of all of them and provide various monthly plans for the customers to choose from. Host gator coupon codes, offered by Hostgator web hosting company, can be availed when you sign up with them.  The plans namely, hatchling, baby, swamp and the semi-dedicated plans are available at monthly prices of $4.95, $7.95, $12.95 and $74.95 respectively. The cheapest plan namely the hatchling plan is best for first time users, who can shift to other plans in the very first month of their hosting.
Customers can write scripts for applications such as forums or content management, with the help of application development platforms such as PHP, Java, ASP.NET and a few others. Web hosting companies offer these type of services combined with a simple inteface to control the web server and related services. Free web hosting services are also offered by some companies, but with some limitations compared to the paid hosting, along with advertisements.

Shared web hosting means that your website is sharing a pool of server resources with various other websites that are placed on the same server. You can also become a web host using the reseller web hosting services offerd by some companies. One of those companies is Hostgator, offering reseller hostgator coupon code together with shared as well as VPS coupons It also offers the hgc25 coupon that facilitates a discount of $9.94 on new hosting purchase by new clients.

Various factors can be considered when choosing a web hosting service that is suitable for you, including database server software, operating system and scripting software. Linux-based web hosting services are offered by several companies, providing a wide variety of software. With a guaranteed uptime of 99.9 percent, such companies offer secure and reliable hosting.

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