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Is Seller Talk Sabotaging You?

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Posted by steve on May 29, 2011 at 6:45 am

What kind of response do you get when you present your product or opportunity?

If you use a lot of ”Seller Talk” you might get the exact response a salesman received from Clint Eastwood in the motion picture “The Outlaw Josey Wales”.  In that movie a pushy salesman asserts that a bottle of his product is able to do “just about anything”.  After he spits tobacco juice on the salesman’s lapel Josey (Clint Eastwood) asks “How is it with stains?”

That’s the kind of results you can expect from Seller Talk, rejection before you even get started.   

What is Seller Talk?  Seller Talk is using a lot of generalities, jargon and hype when you tell others about your product or opportunity.

When we use Seller Talk, people turn us off.  Their eyes glaze over and they conveniently remember that they’ve got something else they just have to do.

  • Generalities are vague nondescriptive terms that speak to no-one in particular.  For instance, in response to the question  “What do you do?” we might say  “I’m in the wellness business”.  If you were the listener would that answer cause you listen up and lean forward?
  • Jargon often called technobabble, is the use of technical terms, scientific names, names of products, name of the company, names of diseases, or any words that a 12 year old wouldn’t understand.
  • Hype – There are three kinds of Hype: Promises, Chest-Beating, and Screaming.  Don’t you think that the patent medicine salesman  in “Josey Wales” used a little hype when he insisted his product could do “just about anything”?

- Promises are when you tell your prospect that something beneficial is going to happen to them in the future if they buy your product, for example:  “You will wake up feeling refreshed.” or “You will lose weight with our product”.

- Chest-Beating is bragging about your product especially in comparison to other products.  Your’s is the most wonderful, the greatest, and most fabulous product out there.  Nothing else compares!

- Screaming is another kind of hype.  It’s the use of overstatement and exaggeration.  For example “Why, we’ve had some of our customers tell us that they’ve been mistaken for their own daughters after using our skin care products”.

As an alternative to Seller Talk, what could you say instead that won’t have prospects scrambling for the exit?

How about telling a story, a legitimate one like yours instead of trying to impress someone by repeating the clichés or technobabble you’ve heard? Why not tell your personal, authentic product/opportunity story?  There are others out there who might desire your product for the same reasons you did, who might want a product that could do for them what it has for you.  Reach out to these like-minded people by telling your story.

When you tell your product or service story think back to the circumstances that caused you to need or desire your product or service.  What was the situation before you found your solution?  Think of a couple of very specific “befores”.  Describe what happened and how you felt after you got results.  Be specific.

How about using a story like this instead of Seller Talk?

“Before I found this product, I weighed 175 pounds.  I didn’t have any energy and I was getting tired of looking for clothes that fit from my closet.  My blood pressure was so high I had to take blood pressure medicine.  I tried several diets that worked for awhile but the weight always gradually came back.”

“Then I heard about the OsoLean Plan.  For the first few days I didn’t notice much difference in my weight, but I was losing inches around my waist, upper arms, and thighs.  My clothes began to fit better and my weight started to drop.    Now I’m 134 pounds and I’m off the blood pressure medicine.  I have a lot of energy and I don’t feel tired like I used to.”

Cut the Seller Talk out of your presentation and tell your story instead.

Remember, people do business with people they know, like, and trust.  Ditch the seller talk and be authentic and you should see a great improvement in your results.

See this presentation in a video.

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