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Learning the Basics of WordPress

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Posted by steve on April 12, 2011 at 9:59 pm

2003 was the year WordPress was born. After less than a decade it has become the major blogging internet site considering of its user-friendly and easy to use format that has proven to be both versatile and effective. With this information you have decided to make use of the free service.

So after deciding on what topic to write on, you have chosen a useful design through a web site that offer free word press themes. You have made the title of your respective blog catchy and keyword friendly and you made sure you got the ideal tags. Now, themes come by a different variety of designs ranging out of the most sophisticated to the most outrageous.

Choosing an individual’s theme is quite easy and whatever modifications you want to a happen you can do it anytime. You can find the appearance option on the dashboard, whenever you already know more about WordPress you will realize that the dashboard is one of the most useful tools in blogging.

After the theme, you are ready to post an individual’s first ever blog. Visit the dashboard and click on new post. Enter the title and begin typing those words on the body of the blog. Make sure you have a great title that will summarize the primary thought of the blog. After finishing the body, make sure for you to enter the ideal tags in the field indicated. Write tags like, forests, trees, environment if your own topic is about illegal logging and so on.

Now you can either click save post to save ones own blogpost, if ever you are not ready for the world to see it, or publish which then sets it live in an individual’s blogsite. Normally in the event that you press publish you will be directed to a webpage that will have a link to the homepage of your respective blog. Remember for you to can organize an individual’s blog by using the categories function which can be assigned anytime using the dashboard.

Therefore you got your own initially post and you think it is a beauty. What’s the next thing to do after this? Traffic, traffic, traffic. You must bring in people into ones own blog. You might as well find some search optimization tactics that may help you. There are many different ways to add traffic to an individual’s blog. This include blog directories.

Submit your own blog to these directories which are for free. Also use the blogs of others. Using blogs that are of the same niche with yours comment and leave some links behind. These are the basic steps that would likely help you in making it big in the blogging Industry. Just make sure that you simply are ready to give in time in learning how to use ones own blog in its fullest potential. Do not forget that articles and other content matters more than anything due to the fact that it is the gist of the blog and it is the reason why it exists.

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