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Make Big Money When You Sell Your Website

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Posted by steve on March 24, 2011 at 5:14 pm

Selling websites has become a good source of income for many people, some even making a whole business out of it. This is called website flipping and it involves the creation of a website, nurturing it and when it is already matured or rather already have good stats, you then sell your website to its new owner who will continue in managing it and further making online money from it. It may sound like a complicated process but it is not. It only requires that you understand and know how to do effective search engine optimization and of course, internet marketing as well.

It takes much dedication to make site flipping a successful business. Why? Because it involves search engine optimization which does not merely involve putting the keywords in the right places within the web pages. Everybody knows that the bigger part and the most important side of seo is what happens off page. To many this usually means link building which is by itself a tedious process. And also there is internet marketing which involves knowing how to position your website and making it attractive to your target market. It also deals with how you connect with your market and make them understand the importance of your website. When you do all of these correctly, your website’s stats will go up naturally. This includes its pagerank, the number of inbound links and many others. When this happens then it is time for you to put it up for sale and ask for the right price.

Next is the amount of money that you should be asking for your website. There is no definite answer to this because while you can simply total up all of your expenses, from the domain registration to the web hosting and other expenditures, and then double that amount so you get a hundred percent profit from it. But usually that is not enough. Because you cannot put an exact price on all the effort that you put into it and of course, your dedication that eventually made it gain those stats. You can also ask around in the forums on how much profit margin they make from their websites and start from there. If anything else, just follow the hundred percent profit percentage so you can at least have a good understanding of how the market works and what it demands.

And do not make any false claims when you mention the statistics of your site. There are many ways to double check your claims. The easy ones like the pagerank and the amount of incoming links that your site has, those can be checked in an instant using a lot of seo tools. So the key here is for you to be always honest and factual with everything that you say about your website. Because if your potential buyer starts to suspect even a hint of trickery, he might quickly label you as a scammer and bring his business elsewhere. And worse if he starts to complain about you throughout the website flipping circle and you will get a really bad reputation even if you do not intend to mislead that person.

Without any doubt, there are big profits to be made in website flipping. You just have to know good internet marketing and search engine optimization skills and instincts as well to help your site become a high prospect site for others. So that when the time comes for you to sell your website, asking for even thousands of dollars for it will be very easy for you and you will have no shortage of potential buyers.

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