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Making a Domain Name, A How To

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Posted by steve on May 7, 2011 at 1:29 pm

Do you think that all the good domain names are taken or that the only names you can come up with have numbers and dashes? These are a couple of complaints that people make when trying to come up with a domain name for their website(s) So how DO you create a domain name when they’re all taken, the “good ones” anyway?  Once you get past the idea that your domain name has to be one word or that perfect phrase then it’s really pretty easy. In any case, if you do need that one word name you can probably buy it on ebay or by making the name owner an offer. 

Here’s how to do it. Describe your site in two or three words and then do that again until you have a list of ten of those 2 – 3 word phrases.  Next you will make another list of words, such as: depot, store, place, your city name, etc. Add your own name or nickname(s) to the list. For example, comes to mind, or maybe (and you can sell coffee there, too.) Now, the name won’t be one of these tiny little things like or, but it will have a lot more meaning.

Did you see the Super Bowl ad by GoDaddy pushing the .co (not .com) domain name extension? There are a ton of these extentions, beyond just the familiar .net and .org. Go and google “domain name extensions” and you will find a bunch. Add the ones that work for you to your lists. 

The last step is to go to a domain name registrar and plug those names into their domain search field. Just copy and paste from your spreadsheet. You’ll probably find several that are available. Might as well buy them all and use them for additional sites.


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