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Marketing Online With Youtube

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Posted by steve on June 7, 2011 at 10:04 am

Youtube is one of the most visited sites online. Once an unknown medium due to slow Internet connections like dial up, the widespread use of broadband DSL has made online video uploading and downloading a popular attraction. YouTube is one of the first websites online to have been built around all types of videos, and its ease of use and variety of videos has made it extremely popular.

Youtube has a lot of visitors, which should perk up your internet marketing “spider sense”. For some time now, marketers have been creating “viral videos”, which are simply clips that were intended to draw interest and spark widespread distribution. YouTube’s embed feature allows anyone to place videos on his blog or website, so by creating funny or informative videos, marketers could spread their message far and wide.

Anyone with a virtual presence can use youtube to promote his business. You just have to know which type of videos can go viral quickly…:

Infomercials – If you already have a commercial for your business, you can upload it on youtube so that more people can see it. Unlike with television, getting your commercial on air doesn’t require thousands of dollars.

Tutorial Videos – Even though people are usually on youtube to be entertained, a lot of these users use youtube to search for information. Tutorial videos are extremely popular because people want to watch how something gets done rather than read about it. Businesses capitalize on this by producing videos about how to do things that relate to their products or services.

“I Was Here” Events – These videos are ideal if you’re a party planner, events coordinator or a recruiter. Videos are always more compelling than photographs.

If you’re an avid visitor of youtube and you’re ready to upload your first viral video, here are some tips.

Choose a good category for your video and make sure you tag them appropriately. This is to ensure that the people looking for your products or services will find your video instantly. If your website address is not in the video, you can simply use the description field to mention your website.

Be sure to allow embedding, comments and ratings. Allow people to rate your video to improve your youtube ranking. All in all, youtube is an invaluable marketing tool

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