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Nile Cruise Tours Tutankhamen’s Tomb

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Posted by steve on September 13, 2011 at 10:17 pm

The city of Luxor has once been a center of tradition and power in Egypt. It has been for many centuries home to Egypt’s most powerful seats. Thus the discoveries in Luxor are one of the most essential and famed in the current history. There have been several discoveries in Egypt but somehow the discoveries in this city have had main impacts to history. Right now visitors are most welcomed to pay a visit to this locations of interest and one of the very best ways to go around Luxor as well as other locations in southern Egypt is by a cruise.


Enjoy tours to this city via luxury ships such as the MS Prestige Emilio Deluxe Liner , MS Movenpick I Nile Cruise or the MS Nile Shams Deluxe Cruise . These cruises along with other luxury ships offers day tours to many important areas along the Nile River.


Luxor is popular for the discovery of the burial site of the child king Tutankhamen. Tutankhamen is a pharaoh through the 18th dynasty; his time was quick yet wealthy. The discovery of his tomb was one of the most astounding discoveries because of the huge volume of treasures recovered. Since most of the tombs in the Valley of Kings were looted at some point in history, his by some means survived intact.


In 1922, Howard Carted was able to successfully open up his tomb and was able to recuperate all of the treasures within. Since then the tomb has been a popular tourist spot in the city. After being available to the community for a long time since its discovery, the massive droves of daily visitors drastically contributed to the deterioration of the tomb. In 1990s the Egyptian government closed the tomb to the public. Vacationers can however still see the treasures recovered by visiting the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Cairo.

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