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Optimizing Your Blog’s Backlinks the Correct Way

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Posted by steve on March 26, 2011 at 10:49 pm

If you want your site to achieve a high ranking in the search engines, you should make it a priority to get quality backlinks from sites in your niche. Getting 10 optimized backlinks are better than 100 backlinks that aren’t optimized the right way. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the most effective strategies of building fully optimized backlinks. If you want to use Backlinks to its full effect make sure that you use it to promote new product launches for example Micro Niche Profit Formula.

You need to avoid links from sites with scraped content if you want to maintain the quality of your links. You don’t want a backlink from a bad neighbor hurting you in the eyes of the search engines. These links don’t really harm your websites but they aren’t worth putting effort into. You can use Copyscape to verify the content on the site where your link will be placed. You can use Google search to find other sites with the same content by simply copying and pasting a significant portion of the text into the search bar. Sometimes, though, the original creator of the content is the owner of the site but had it stolen in turn, which is why it is best to reserve judgments. All you need is a little good judgments to determine if it would be okay to obtain a link from the site you are considering. It’s a good idea to have several variations of your anchor text and keywords, as using the same one all the time can cause problems. When Google considers your links, it uses Lateral Semantic Indexing (LSI), which means it looks for several keywords to give people more terms to search for. If you only target one keyword all the time, it has the appearance of spam, so it’s better not to do this. So bring out that thesaurus and try to use various keywords in the anchor text you’re using. Your backlinks will have more credibility with Google this way, and your site will start to climb in the rankings. If you wish to use Backlinks to its full effect make sure that you use it to advertise new service launches such as Micro Niche Profit Formula.

Last but not the least; try to acquire your links from different Class-C IP addresses. You need to spread your links out a bit because having all of them coming from the same IP address won’t help much.

All that is needed is an IP verification program that will determine the different IPs of your incoming links.

In summary, by building backlinks that are properly optimized, you will get the most benefit from them. The techniques we’ve covered above will help you to get the most from you links so that your site can rank more highly and more traffic will come your way. So don’t worry about getting thousands of links, just build quality ones gradually.

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