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Paper.Li – How You Can Use It To Get More Traffic For Your Website

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Posted by steve on June 23, 2011 at 8:11 am

Paper.Li is a new application on Twitter that is causing a huge sensation. It is also causing a lot of debate because some people love while others hate it. Paper.Li works as a news aggregator and takes the links from your followers (or elsewhere) to produce a newspaper containing the content at the end of these links. These papers look quite professional and many people are subscribing to them. The great news for those hoping to boost traffic to their website is that Paper.Li is easy to set up and once it’s going you don’t really have to do a thing.


How Does Paper.Li Work To Generate More Traffic For Your Website.


There are different ways to use Paper.Li but one way is to just use your lists of followers. When the paper comes out (once or twice a day) the content from your followers will be on display. Most people will be very grateful for this; especially if they are one of the top stories in your paper. This means that not only will they subscribe but they will also promote it for you. Hopefully this will then mean you get more Twitter followers who will also have a look at your site to see what it is like. Paper.Li is a success because it is based on the main principle of the new media; you help other people to help yourself.


There are many arguments as to why Paper.Li is a bad thing. Many don’t like the fact that a lot of money is being made from the ads on the newspapers and they also feel that this is a very lazy way for people to get their content out. But at the end of the day, there is no doubt that this is one way for people to generate more traffic to their website by getting more Twitter followers.


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