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Pastel Colors Perfect for the Bulls

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Posted by steve on May 21, 2011 at 10:41 am

Mens dress shirts with blue and pastel shades – light and powder blue, baby pink and light purple, to name a few – are ideal for the Bull or the Taurus guy who is usually a very dependable and trustworthy person. The color blue will bring out the loyalty, truth and trustworthiness in the Taurus man and the shades of pink will evoke his being an accommodating and approachable person.   Thus, these shades in dress shirts are sure to evoke the special traits and characteristics of a man who is typical of the Taurus zodiac sign. He is a person who is concerned with harmony, security, trustworthiness, calmness, kindness, organization and dependability, as well as love of all living things.    

There are perfect custom dress shirts from ShirtsMyWay – an online tailoring company that allows users to design their own dress shirts and create their own measurement profiles – that are great for the Taurus guy because they would evoke his personality.  The Fluffville Pink dress shirt, for example, is great for the Taurus guy. This dress shirt is a concoction of two pastel shades, a Classic Pink Solid Twill Weave as the major fabric and contrasted with the shade of white as the accent cloth. Another dress great that is great for the Taurus guy, which is just similar to the first one, is the Fluffville Blue. This is likewise a combination of two hues, the Classic Blue Solid Twill Weave as the main fabric used, then the baby pink fabric as the accent one. Aside form these two mentioned, there are several other dress shirts from ShirtsMyWay that are great for the Taurean man.   

Taurus is the second sign of the Western zodiac. This is the fixed earth sign, in which according to the Little Giant Encyclopedia of the Zodiac by the Diagram Group published in 1997, can be likened to an ancient rainforest full of enduring trees and rare plants that is teeming with the beauty of life, or to a beautiful, old French chateau full of valuable things and antiques that established vineyards and gardens that offer all manner of delights to others. This sun sign represents an enduring, practical reality. 

 Within a person who has a strong influence of this zodiac sign is someone who goes for the long term perspective and takes the journey slowly but surely, considering that their only interest in the very best of everything. People with this sign also believe that the best is worth the wait  .

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