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Play the Permission Based Email Marketing Game

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Posted by steve on July 28, 2011 at 7:05 am

Yet, it’s true. When I play Monopoly,I think of permission based email marketing. Strange, perhaps, but it applies, and I’ll show you how.

But first, have you ever played Parker Brothers’ Monopoly board game? I’m guessing that most Americans have, even if it was only in their childhood. Millions of people still play Monopoly now, even after 75 years of the game being around. So, what makes it so popular?

It’s a momentary dream come true!

Monopoly is about becoming a real estate mogul and being extremely wealthy. You buy up all the properties that you can on the board, and as people go around and land on the space you own, they have to pay you rent. Players who have the most property and money win. So, you’re still wondering why it’s like permission based email marketing.


The larger your list, the more money you’ll make. Period. 

The bigger the Internet marketing mogul, the bigger their list is. You’ve heard, “The money is in the list,” right? Well… it’s true. You have to pull together all the names and email addresses you can and make your list as big and hairy as possible. Then, you need to send them email and make money, every day.

A lot of people worry about that. They think that if they email the people on their permission based email marketing list too often, they’ll get hot, call them spammers, and unsubscribe. But that’s not true! If the people on your list like what you send them, they’ll be happy to see your emails in their inboxes, and if you’re giving them stuff — great information or software or ebooks that they can use — they’ll love you for it.

Then, it’s all downhill from there. Once you’ve bonded with the people on your permission based email marketing list, they will accept the offers you send to them. So, load up your autoresponder follow-up series with messages that are useful. Then, when you send a broadcast email, telling the people on your list about some amazing (but high-quality) product that you have tried and love, they’ll be more likely to buy because they like you and know you wouldn’t steer them wrong.

You can do it! Be a millionaire, if you want to be, and have that cash coming in every single day. Just get as big a list as possible, and rather than  fantasizing, live the dream! If you want more solid information about permission based email marketing and other Internet marketing topics, visit You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find. This is Tellman Knudson, over and out!

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