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Pop-Under Advertising Can Generate Real Web Traffic

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Posted by steve on March 24, 2011 at 2:18 pm

Have you been Getting Fake Web Traffic?

There are numerous scams around to look for. For instance, when the real web traffic seems to be very cheap in price, then one of the following could possibly be true:

The traffic might be generated by a script or program.

The traffic might be originating from an auto-surf exchange.

The traffic could possibly be generated by spyware/adware programs.

The traffic could be auto-refreshed to rotate campaigns.

Usually you are able to tell if traffic is real or not by trace routing the IP addresses of the website visitors. Fake traffic will have quite high percentages of anonymous proxy addresses or dead-end/not-in-use IP addresses. When the traffic has generated with an auto-surf exchange or if the traffic has been auto-refreshed, you will be able to tell by along the visits. If you see that almost all the visitors are all staying for precisely the same period of time, then odds are is that auto-surfing or auto-refreshing should be to blame.

Another thing to be weary about is low cost expired domain traffic. In this point in time, this is a very difficult task to get hold of a domain that still receives a ton of traffic. This is because of the fact that major search engines, such as Google, pick these expired domains out of their serp’s when they can. Why ? Because expired domains hurt the grade of their search results. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to find expired domains that still get real web traffic from means other than search engines like google, but this breaks down to a pretty hefty CPM (cost per thousand) price.

For example, let say that you simply find a way to find 10,000 expired domains that each still get 100 visitors monthly.

10,000 * 100 = 1,000,000 a month.

1,000,000 * a year = 12,000,000 a year (12,000 CPMs).

Assuming that you’re paying a rate of $7 per domain for yearly registration, you’re paying:

$7 * 10,000 = $70,000 each year

That actually works to:

$70,000 / 12,000 CPMs = $5.83 per CPM

You heard right, within our example the base CPM price figures out to $5.83! And that’s just before any mark-up is added.

Therefore if a real web traffic supplier sells traffic hits at a rate of $3/CPM and tell you these are redirect traffic or expired domain traffic, you now know that they’re not real expired domain hits.

Popunder traffic advertising is mostly utilize by real web traffic providers.

A pop-under is like a pop-up other than it loads underneath the current web page as opposed to over it.

This kind of promotion is much more superior because it is less intrusive. Unlike pop-up windows that load over your web site, pop-under windows quietly load below your website. Your visitors still might not even be aware of the pop-under window until they’re finished at your site and close the window.

The effectiveness of pop-under windows most likely comes from the timing. When your visitor first enters your website, their mind is on what lead them to your website to begin with. Pop-up windows will in all probability cause a higher percentage of your visitors to instantly close your window before viewing its content. That is what makes pop-under windows more effective — your visitor is through visiting your website and their thoughts are clearer. Are going to more likely to take the time to consider your offer if they don’t have another objective on their mind.

Generating real web traffic from popunder advertising can also be very much cheaper then generating traffic from expired domain traffic and is the top choice of most web traffic providers.

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