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Posted by steve on June 2, 2011 at 11:38 am

Present day all applications feature a provision of improving themselves or often referred as updating themselves. When using a internet browser one can usually see a pop-up appearing with a line written install missing plug-in . The fundamental question that comes in thoughts are that ‘what is plug-in? plug-in are program which helps a internet browser to read some special type of documents. In the same way, there’s add-on and much other software is which on installation adds some considerable advantages to some another more essential software. Almost all the installs are free. Nevertheless, there are several other utility softwares, which you have to buy-install, means you will need to buy first before you install them. Software such as premium version of anti-virus are generally unavailable cost free. You need to pay for them first before you can use them. One can pay using online banking facilities or by sending a draft or cheque. Whatever seems easier to the user. After receiving the specified amount, the company provides the ordered item to the owner. 

Today’s there are many applications, which we need to buy to install, for example there are many attracting screensavers, which you have to buy in order to install. There are many software firms who make these software and sell them; this is their basic business model. Every new high definition games which need 3d accelerator cards to work, falls under best buy install zone. There’s also several awesome multipurpose application soft wares, which come under this zone. Most free softwares are incomplete, i.e. they generally have trial version or have only single or limited functionality. Hence, to be able to have a full version of the software you either need to purchase the registration code or order for a new software cd, which comes along with the registration code. One could easily get easy access to pirated copies but those are illegitimate. 

Even there are numerous applications that facebook needs to buy and install. Instead all applications are buy installs. There are reputed companies such as Zunga. These companies create the applications as per requirements then sell them as facebook applications. The revenues are earned as more and more persons use these applications while they are operating in face book and are surfing the net. This can be a significant income source and this type of business employs several developers who design and program the games, softwares and the applications. These facebook app installs have been a proven revenue stream and are only becoming a bigger part of the social media world.

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