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Private Domain Registration: Should You Use It as a Website Flipper?

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Posted by steve on May 24, 2011 at 10:30 am

As a website flipper, it’s understandable to think that private domain registration is a smart business move, but this article may change your mind. Granted, you are keeping personal information private, but is that really helping your website flipping business? Before discussing why you shouldn’t use private domain registration, here is an explanation of what it is.

Private Domain Registration

When working with a registrar like GoDaddy or NameCheap, you have the choice to register the domain privately. Some registrars will ask you to pay a small fee to keep your information inaccessible to the public. A non-profit corporation, ICANN watches over the registration of domain names, and it is a requirement for registrars to maintain a public WHOIS listing of the registered domains. This means that if you don’t opt to register privately, anyone who performs a WHOIS search can see your personal information.
Why You Shouldn’t Register Privately

Now don’t get overly alarmed; here is the reason why it’s not in your best interests to use private domain registration as a website flipper. Being in this business, you most likely own many domains and websites. These are assets that can advertise for you 24/7. And you’ve got to admit; smart buyers are also looking for a good property outside of Flippa. One could possibly run into your parked domain page and show interest. Wouldn’t it be convenient for the customer to have access to your contact information?

Most likely, his next move would be to perform a WHOIS search to find out contact information. And if registered privately, interested buyers would find it difficult to contact you.   

Think of how many potential buyers you may have lost because your contact information was inaccessible to them. By not signing up for private domain registration, you can make it simple for anyone to contact you, increasing sales with very little effort and earn more from flipping websites.

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