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Promoting Your Ecommerce Organization Throughout the Holidays

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Posted by steve on March 24, 2011 at 8:28 pm

The holidays are an exciting time involving family, friends, and avid shoppers. As in many holiday seasons past, the most important challenges for online retailers this season will be drawing shoppers to their sites and turning these shoppers into customers.

By examining data compiled throughout the last couple of holiday seasons, online retailers can gain knowledge relating to online sales trends, and they can learn about marketing acts that both coax consumers and result in visitor-to-customer conversions. Early in 2010, it was stated that ecommerce spending for the entire 2009 holiday season had remained flat relative to spending in the prior year; however, in the final months of 2009, online sales reportedly saw a 4% change over 2008 online sales.

In today’s economy, individuals care about storing money. Ecommerce stores that supply discounts, loyalty programs, and/or pertinent and timely coupons, or free shipping will find themselves in a more satisfactory position than those who do not. At this time of year, online sellers should also contemplate increasing the frequency of their customer electronic communications. During the holiday season, individuals welcome any valid tips they can find concerning where they can buy presents for themselves or for their dear ones. Increased electronic communications also supply the perfect situation for online sellers to stimulate sales by announcing special coupon codes that can only be used online within a specific time. Special coupon codes can also be publicized via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Finally, because users are often oblivious to the pay-per-click advertisements that appear on web pages, some bodies recommend that online sellers join comparison services. Consumers utilize these websites throughout the holiday season to make sure they are identifying the best deals on the things they choose to purchase, and these individuals are much more likely to make a purchase when they can learn how those items compare to other similar products.

In addition to promoting sales by catering to the customer, ecommerce sellers must also take actions to protect their profits. Thus, it is particularly important throughout the holiday season to publicize items’ return policies. Making sure that customers understand an enterprisea company’s return policy (or policies) will protect that company from the unnecessary overhead and costs associated with handling returns.

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