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Purchasing Superior Promotional Pens For Your Business

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Posted by steve on February 27, 2011 at 5:06 pm

Promotional pens comprise one of the biggest sectors of the personalized gift market and the best way to locate such individualized gifts is to peruse the various catalogs carrying corporate items or promotional products. Peruse the writing implement section and you will find high-quality pens from such makers as Mont Blanc, Parker, Cross, Waterman, Sheaffer and other promotional pen manufacturers, all sent out in 24 hours.

Multinational companies battle it out to gain their share of the promotional pen market and gone are the times when a three week lead time was the shortest amount of time you could get it, this is due to the fiercely competitive nature of the personalized gift product area. Those lead times once were a true disadvantage in obtaining personalized gift items but in today’s tough environment one may generally receive one’s order in three days and should you need an expedited order, receiving quality pens within one day is possible.

There are great deals to be had even at the higher end of the quality promotion pen market, and most suppliers even offer generous, full money back guarantees. This highly competitive market also means that you have a wide choice of promotional pens available at every price point for just a few cents each including delivery, such as fountain and ballpoint pens, gift sets, and promotional pens.

Of course, promotional pens which are engraved with a company name or personalized with the name of the recipient have been available for a long time. Although many large stores do still offer this kind of service, they are usually unable to match the level of quality that is produced by etching and laser engraving that is used in the process of making promotional pens a unique and highly personalized gift.

More than one promotional gift house proudly brags that they have the guaranteed largest selection, a price that cannot be  beaten, or just low prices, oddly though, there is no mention of the benefit that is important to customers, and that is the service.

People are happy to pay a little bit more if they feel that they’re going to be treated well by the sales team. Too many companies today, including many who sell personalized gifts like promotional pens, have forgotten the old motto of so many salesmen of yore, “Customers Buy Where It’s Easy to Buy”. It seems like this would be the perfect slogan to paint across the walls of your sales department if you were trying to sell in such a fiercely competitive market as the promotional gift pen market.

Unfortunately, too many people seem to have forgotten it. And that is most likely the reason that the personalized gift market has such a supply of smaller companies that provide their customers with excellent personal service.

Quality remains for a long time after the knowledge of price fades away is a concept which has been accepted by some of the largest companies in the world and therefore, should you be looking for quality pens that may be obtained in one day, you can assure quality of product by purchasing pens manufactured by Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer or Cross.

Even so, just as vital is what kind of customer care you receive from the companies that offer personalized presents and personalised pens for advertising.

Whether or not you choose recycled pens or novelty pens for your organisation, you will always be able to find the correct choice for your advertising and marketing with there being a lot to choose from.

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