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Rapid Rewriter Review

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Posted by steve on April 16, 2011 at 5:24 pm

Rapid Rewriter Scam : I’m not going to waste both our time with any fluff in this review .

Firstly, let me start off by saying that this is a no nonsense review. I will cut out the crap you have read so far and give you only honest facts .

FACT :  Most sites that claim to give you a review about products are only out there to make commissions.  They’re not really looking inform you about the actual product and you will often find nil about what it does . So instead of trying to sell you on Rapid Rewriter, I’m just going to tell you what if found and let you decide . 

What is Rapid Rewriter?
Rapid Rewriter is a new product by Matt Carter.  Matt is an experienced Internet marketer that runs a blog on  Even though this is his first product released to the internet marketing market, you can clearly tell that he knows what he’s talking about when you visit his site.

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Everyone knows that content is king when your trying to promote your website and Rapid Rewriter has received a lot of buzz for its method of spinning articles .

Whether you need to submit your articles to article directories, to publish content for your site, or to build backlinks for SEO, you need an effective and efficient way to create content .  The whole point of this program is to make creating articles and submitting them effortless .

So what does Rapid Rewriter do?
The problem with most spinning tools in the market is that they product crap content .  It’s always to good to be true, you’re all excited for this effortless content, but what comes out is a bunch of words that make no sense .  Most of these spinning tools make huge claims but you just end up wanting your money back .

Rapid Rewriter is a program that has been in development for months .  Rather than spit out crappy content, the focus has been on creating grammatically correct content and giving marketers access to a huge thesaurus database to make their articles unique .

What do you get?
This package comes in 2 parts:

  • The Rapid Rewriter software program
  • A 12 part Search Engine Optimization Link Building Course named Backlink Blueprint

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
The good thing about Rapid Rewriter is that you can leave out parts of your article so that the word count and paragraph structure is different in your spun article .  You can also use synonyms, export to HTML, and submit the actual article to directories straight from the program.

The Bad: , spinning tools will always have its limitations .  This is not an instant article creator, there is always work that will have to be done and some time spent making your content unique .

But if you want to save money on hiring writers and produce content faster than you could have ever imagined, then Rapid Rewriter is the perfect tool to use . Rapid Rewriter is meant to give you a short-cut to the writing and submission process and it is designed to really make your SEO, article marketing, and affiliate promotions more effective than doing your writing by hand .

My Final Thoughts..
Now you know exactly what this program does .  The question now is : Should you buy it or not?

If you’re tired of article spinners that simply doesn’t work and produces crap content, it’s time to make a change.  If you’re sick of trying to submit your articles into article directories only to get them rejected, then you should strongly consider buying Rapid Rewriter.

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If you want to waste your time with spinners that make you waste more time than writing an article from scratch, this program is not for you .  Creating unique content that reads perfectly is possible with Rapid Rewriter.  When you think about how much time you save using this software, this program is pound for pound the best investment you can possibly make.

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