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Seo And Book Marking

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Posted by steve on June 6, 2011 at 7:05 am

There are so many ways to increase back links that many people are confused about how to do it. They are overwhelmed with information and instead of trying one out, they end up doing nothing. Others find one way to build links and then stick to that way without ever branching out. This method makes an unnatural link profile which is a red flag for the search engines.


Some common link building methods are forum posting, profile building, social networking, social book marking, article directory submission, and standard directory submission. This article will go over social book marking so that you can add this to your search engine optimization strategy.


The first thing we need to do is to define the term “social bookmarking”. Social book marking is essentially a way for Internet users to organize, search, share, and maintain bookmarks of web resources. Some people confuse this with file sharing, but it is only a link to the resources and not the actual resources themselves.


Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit, and Mixx are some of the more prevalent bookmarking networks. ~ Some popular book marking sites are Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon, and Mixx.} In order to receive a back link from these companies and others like it, you need to first set up an account with each network. Once you’ve set your account up, you can go ahead and add a book mark to your web site. Make sure that you give a useful description to each book mark so that people will know what to expect when they land on your page.


You’ll find that although book marking will give you more back links, it most likely will not give you any additional traffic. Also you should note that these links will quickly lose their listings in the search engines so they are not great for long term links unless you plan on maintaining the account and adding links to it as well.


Always ensure that you book mark sites other than your own. This way your book marking account will look natural and you will not have to worry about your account getting banned by the social book marking networks.


The creation of social book marking accounts will take some time to complete. If you have a lot of web sites it is worth trying it out because you will get many links from each account. However, if you only have one or two websites you may want to think about adding this service to a seo package.


Professional seo companies have large book marking accounts with many other sites already book marked on them. When you sign up with these companies and have your site book marked on these accounts they look perfectly natural. Also you will not have to create an account for each one of the social book marking sites. Literally hundreds of social book marking sites exist today and it is impossible for you to create accounts at all of them without an outsourcer. Why not pay someone a little bit of money if it will bring you a nice return on your investment?

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