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Posted by steve on March 17, 2011 at 3:21 pm

Its perceptible that this is going to be teaching anyone who knows anything about Search Engine Optimisation to suck eggs, and I’m also aware that this is probably the millionth post on the subject this week. But the subject is so important that it’s difficult to avoid writing about it for long.

So important is the subject that it’s amazing how often it’s ignored by people creating websites who claim to know about Search Engine Optimisation , and amazingly they offer it in with their services.

Either these people do not bother with keyword research and simply dream up what is being searched, or they don’t have the slightest idea about SEO and are just talking crap to increase their own profits … at the cost of their customers !

We are all aware that its useless having some snazzy looking website with great navagation , etc… etc… when customers never see it. Why does nobody see it ? Because it’s a website in a competitive industry that has either not been optimized , or has been optimized but very badly . If the keyword research had been performed to the acceptable standard, and then those keywords had been implemented into the website content and anchor text of incoming links then this wouldn’t be a problem . Yet so many sites I come across that have apparently had expert levels of SEO applied hardly have a mention (especially inside the main areas of search weighting such as title tags) of the searched products and/or services.

So many sites who do not have any real level of brand awareness still have just the name of their company plastered all over their title tags, despite the fact that people don’t search the company name, they search the products and services!

The Main thing to take away from this, is to make sure you choose a PROOVEN and reputable SEO Company.

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