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SEO Keywords 1 of 7

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Posted by steve on June 11, 2011 at 9:04 am

Following on from my late(a) blog “I want to do my own Search Engine Optimisation SEO“, this series covers each of the seven areas in a little more detail so that you can in truth boost your rankings online to increase sales and revenue.

Key words

Keywords if you don’t know, these are the search descriptions that your potential customers will type into search engines to find what they’re looking for. Depending on how well your website is optimised and coupled with the hunt you undertake to ensure there is demand, this will help to focus the time you invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Keywords can sometimes be single words or groups of words that create a keyword phrase


For example:

A single keyword : “SEO”

A keyword phrase: “Search Engine Optimisation”

  1. Research – Is anybody searching my for services or products?

Before you start out with SEO and its other components, research is your first step. Without establishing if there is demand for your products or services, or if your products and services match phrases and keywords that already have demand on the major search engines, this should be your precedence.

Here’s a story I see all too frequently.

I can get you to number one for your company name in your town or city. Or I can get you to number one for a specific key phrase in your town or city. How egotistic are those statements?

Note this down!

When there is no real facual based demand for your business name or a key phrase related to your geo graphic location, why would you want to be number one any way? The best thing to do before any ranking is targeted, is to research based on actual KPI’s from the search engines. One of the first steps to this research can be done through using Google Adwords Keyword Tool.


  1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

See for yourself what Google is recording. Go to this web address : now you can start checking to see if there is demand for the key phrases you wish to target, on yeah almost forgot as well as researching what you think you should be targeting Google will also give you suggestions! Now isn’t that interesting? Yes.

So type in your keywords and not only will you get suggestions but you can see how many searches there are monthly for your key phrase, you can export the key phrases to an excel spread sheet, or text file which is useful for saving to your computer.

So now you have key phrases for which you know there is demand now you can start to think just about your competitors and find out who they are.

So you’ve tried and tested Google Adwords Keyword Tool, but there’s actually lots more information available to you when researching your Keywords.

There are a few tools I really recommend you try, SEO Packages and Web CEO. Both offer advance information on key phrase searches along with further information combined to give you some crucial information on your competition at the same time. The one thing with these tools is that they not only pull data from Google searches but they can also retrieve data from other leading search engines which can be of swell use to you and your Online Marketing / SEO

  1. decision making on your keywords

Now you have your list of possible key phrases that you wish to rank well for, you need to check on a number of factors and not smallest of all, your competitors.


What you can do next:

Read the follow up to this blog: SEO 2 of 7: Your SEO Competitors.

Useful Websites:

  • Google’s Keyword Tool
  • Google Search Based Keyword Tool
  • SEO Elite
  • Web CEO

It would be great to hear from you and your views on this topic , if you’ve got any good comments or recommendations to add to this please do below now. Good luck with your online marketing.


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