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SEO Secrets To Put You Ahead In The Game

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Posted by steve on April 29, 2011 at 2:08 am

Most of us already know the tools of SEO and this means that it is making these less effective. When everyone is doing the same thing, it ends up that nobody has the edge. What we need is some secret SEO techniques that will give us an advantage. When it comes to your website performing well in the search engines, the following should put you ahead of the rest.


- Instead of just thinking about keywords try also considering keyword combinations. Think of it this way; most people won’t type in ‘shoes’ but instead will type in something like ‘cheap white shoes’. It is better to focus on combinations so that your site will come up for these people.


- It is a good idea to get your keywords in both the first and last paragraph. The main focus of the search engines is normally these two paragraphs so that is why you should concentrate on these. A lot of people try to stuff the article with keywords and this might be ineffective just make sure that your keywords are in the first and last paragraph and don’t overdo it.


- If you are going to be putting an image in with your text be sure to add a description containing your keywords. This means that people who are searching for images might come across your website as well as the fact that it can improve your SEO efforts. Using keyword combinations is the best way to get results in this way.


- Using subheadings which contain your keywords is a good idea. Repitition of keywords should be done in subheadings rather than in the body of an article. The search engines like it and most readers won’t notice it as much. You can get away with a lot of sins in the subheadings.


Hopefully these tips will help to get your website performing much better in the search engines.


Everybody that owns a website is aware of the advantages of having SEO. SEO firms can help you with your website by many means, and some of these are brand management. There is no point in walking a lone furrow when it comes to SEO, so enlist the help of some experts. SEO isn’t the only thing you should think about though because, reputation managementare also important.

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