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Service Design in the Medical care Sector

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Posted by steve on April 3, 2011 at 2:29 am

There is a common perception that it’s only the hospitality business that can benefit from the principles of User Centered Design  since the customer experience is of prime importance in this industry. Nothing could be further from the truth since there’s no business that cannot benefit from it.

Even though service design is certainly concerned with the rearrangement of services so that consumers have the best achievable experience, it can also incorporate redesigning the packaging of a product in order to make it more accessible to the client. Increasing numbers of companies of all sorts are designing their services to be able to differentiate themselves from their competition by ensuring that they have an unassailable grip over customer loyalty.

One industry that has taken to service design in a big way is the healthcare industry. Like the hotel and restaurant business, hospitals too need to deal with huge amounts of individuals all of whom come with their distinctive requirements. It really is interesting to note that while there has been an explosion in our knowledge of medicine even during the last five decades, there has been only a really small improvement in the procedure in which health care is delivered. Several hospitals are taking the help of service design consultants in order to improve the connection between the patient and a care provider so that both parties take pleasure in the interaction.

One issue that many hospitals face is that they have lots of patients. This leaves hospital staff with really little time to give more than the basic attention to each patient. Although patients do get great treatment, the personal touch and warmth that could make a massive difference to the quality of health care they obtain is gone. Actually, several individuals yearn for the days when a family medical doctor knew the whole health background of a patient and could give very personalized care. While this is certainly no longer possible, it really is achievable to rearrange services to ensure that a team of health-related providers looks after the exact same patient so that they are all conscious of the needs and status of a specific patient.

An additional thing that hospitals do after service design reorganization is to make certain that all employees get trained to deliver much better customer experiences. While the primary job of the hospital is without a doubt to cure patients, it can undoubtedly be carried out in a very pleasant manner that puts patients much more at ease than they presently are. It’ll also help if hospitals have a user friendly culture with emphasis on team play.

The principles of service design are bringing about a wonderful change in how hospitals and clinics view their responsibilities. This has a fantastic role in making certain patients have an extremely comfortable stay at hospital with unnecessary stress decreased to the greatest extent feasible. The reality that increasing numbers of hospitals and health care centers are adopting this principle spells great news for society since it’s high time that changes were made in this business.

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