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Simple Way to Get Free Backlinks

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Posted by steve on September 26, 2011 at 7:51 pm

Building backlinks is the most vital factor to getting websites ranked. There are many different methods to build back links, some very simple, others more difficult. This article is about one simple and free method of creating back-links that is often overlooked, but can produce great results in terms of search engine optimization.

Blogger and WordPress are probably the two most popular cost-free blogging and site-building platforms. A Blogger-site can also be monetized with AdSense and other methods. does not allow any type of monetization, however. Still, both of these blogging platforms can be useful SEO resources. You can simply create a free blog on each of these platforms and instead of directly monetizing the free blogs themselves, create some content on them an link back to your self-hosted blog or site. In other words: Use the free blogs to create some backlinks and monetize your main site.

This can be a simple and effective tactic and you can expand it beyond and Blogger. These two are not the only free blog sites available. Not by a far cry. There’s also tumblr,, wetpaint, Vox, Livejournal, Doodlekit, Bravejournal and many more. Simply search for “create a free blog” on Google and you’ll likely find a dozen more sites like this.. You can add content and links back to your main site on each of them, creating your own little link-network.

In case you’re worried about how many posts you’ll have to write to build these links, just remember: You can use the same content that you’re submitting to article directories and post it to the free blogs. Particularly if you’re making use of article spinning, this will be no problem at all, since all the content will be unique.

It’s also worth noting that there are programs and tools like Web 2 Mayhem  that can automate the whole process of posting articles to many different free blogs. Free-blog-link-building couldn’t be any easier than that. Give it a try and get some backlinks and traffic going!

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