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Some Tips For Creating Membership Sites

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Posted by steve on July 6, 2011 at 8:36 am

Membership sites have been recognized, for years, as a terrific way to give yourself a stable and excellent income. Contrary to the popular belief, nowadays setting up a membership site is not a big deal with the easy scripts available. There’s no reason on Earth why anyone who wants one should hesitate to get one going. All it takes is an out of the box thinking and unique ideas through which you can reach your audience. In this article we will be listing out 3 different membership site tips to help you get started.

The most important thing you need to do and always keep in mind is give your membership subscribers exactly what they want. That’s right; it’s the easiest way to make your site popular among your members. Nothing beats the simple approach with asking someone to tell you what they want. For example, if your find a few of your members asking you to write an article on a certain topic, then go ahead and do it. Something this simple can really go far because they’ll feel special and that you care about them. You know if you do this then you’ll be providing what your niche audience wants, and that has excellent value right there.

If your site is business related, you can help them with their sales and marketing by offering them tools and techniques to create an effective sales letter. Even better, you can give away ready made sales letters if you’re planning on giving away PLR or private label right products to your members. So along with all the other benefits your members can get a top notch copy for a low monthly membership fee, which will be seen as a great deal. Many of them just need good direction coming from the voice of experience, and that is something you can give them. But whatever you give them has to be good, as you know, and it has to be effective so they’ll want to stick with you.

It’s a good idea to avoid requesting payment for an entire year.You’ll find it’s much better to do it month-to-month than anything else. All membership sites experience loss, or cancellations, so that is no big deal at all. All you can do is try to keep your customers happy and satisfied. Customers appreciate being given some room with payments. With the month to month payment structure, obviously they’ll know they can cancel whenever they want. That simple arrangement will go far in their minds.

Running a membership site requires a lot of work but there is a lot of profit potential too. These great tips will get your site off to a healthy start.

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