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Start an Internet Business to Make Money Now

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Posted by steve on July 15, 2011 at 8:44 am

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Do you want to know how to start and Internet business? In this economy and job market, many people are looking to the Internet as a place where they can easily start a business wiht the potential to make them a lot of money. Market research firm eMarketer reports that there were approximately $222.3 billion in online sales in the U.S. alone in 2007! That’s a lot of money, and many people no smarter than you and with less education than you are getting a piece of it. Shouldn’t you too? The key is to make a plan for success, and to take massive action.

In any business, weather online or off, there are three ingredients you must increase to mke more money. You must get more traffic, convert that traffic into sales at a higher rate , and generate more revenue per conversion. You can increase profits as in any business through the combination of those three and cutting costs as percentage of revenue. As an Internet business owner, your responsibility is to make these 3 things happen.

You want to start with the most effective of these strategies first. To find out which of these that is, you need to know some things about your business. You need to be aware of your traffic numbers, where that traffic is coming from, who your visitors are, your conversion rate for each product, action, page or combination thereof. You should also know exactly how much revenue you make for every conversion.

Converting a visitor is changing a visitor into a customer, a subscriber, or having the customer take the desired action. You could have one of the best online income opportunities, but if you have no traffic, or it doesn’t convert, you’ll make no profit .

If you have little or no traffic, but you are doing a good job of converting your visitors, your first priority is to increase your targeted traffic. You don’t want to just increase traffic, but gain traffic that is likely to become converted. While you can get more conversions with general traffic increases, in the vast majority of cases targeted traffic will be a better return on your investment.

If your site or blog has substantial traffic but is creating little revenue, or subscribers, you need to make the traffic convert . That makes many marketers jealous , because generating traffic is generally considered to be the most difficult part of Internet marketing. If conversions are low, there are a few likely culprits ; your product isn’t matched to your visitors, your offer isn’t what they want to see, your visitors aren’t properly targeted, or your sales copy isn’t compelling enough. Improve any or all of these and your conversions will increase. In many cases this is an incremental improvement, such as 3% – 5%. Many increments add up to a substantial increase however .

The only way to determine the proper changes is through controlled split testing. You can change one variable at a time and note the changes. Split your traffic and send half of it to the site with the old variable and half of it to the new. Note which has the higher conversion. After about 50 -100 visitors you should have meaningful data by which to make a decision. There is software available to perform multivariate testing so you can compare multiple variables simultaneously. This will speed up the testing process.

Whether you’re trying to earn a full time income on the Internet, or just earn extra money, chances are you can improve one or more aspects of your site or blog. The improvements will make you the extra money you need to make your goals a reality. It’s just up to you to make them.

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