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Still Not Indexed in Google? Here’s How to Fix That

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Posted by steve on September 4, 2011 at 2:10 am

Website indexing is a very important stop for a new site to be in the major search engines. It’s not possible to get your site ranked if you don’t have it indexed, as search engine traffic is valuable. Given you have to go through some steps to get your site in the search engine index, it’s not as hard and some say. Certainly, how do you get a site indexed? Can it go faster?

Mainly, set yourself up a Google account if you don’t already have one, because you’ll be making use of it for logging in to the Google Webmaster tools area where you will be presenting your website and confirming its ownership. You will be directed through a few steps, after which it’ll be essential for you to present your sitemap. This is a dependable option for letting Google recognize your new website and having it indexed instantly. It is important for you to abide by the same practices for every new website you launch. Sitemaps are crucial to your website. Creating both HTML and XML sitemaps is a great idea. It’s imperative that these sitemaps link to every single page of your site. It’s important that the link to your sitemap be visible in both the header and the footer of your site so it will be seen on every page of your site. If you want faster indexing with the search engines make sure they can read your sitemaps.

Finally; search for the leading forums or discussion boards in you niche and register with them. Forums have an excellent association with the search engines on account of them being updated with new and innovative content on an ordinary basis. When you establish an account on the accepted forums in your niche, you’ll be able to announce them. Still how does this benefit you with your indexing? Forums consent you to insert your website’s link in the signature which comes into sight at the bottom of every post. When the search engine spiders drop in on the forum and look through it for up-to-the-minute content, they’ll seek your link and list it in their index. This is an effortless method for getting the search engines to discern your website. In general, from the article above we come to learn in order to have your website indexed swiftly, you will have to take some swift action and employ the things we’ve shared here. The Internet shifts in movement seven times more rapidly than the offline world, which is the basis for you being rather rapid in such things if you have a hankering to surpass your competition.

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