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The Power Of Poker Affiliate Programs

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Posted by steve on May 14, 2011 at 11:39 am

Online poker rooms have been doing great business. The pace of their growth is unparalleled and cannot be compared to other industries. Where else would you get a recession free industry which thrives even when the markets are down? Ever wondered what drives players to online poker rooms and what are the factors which are driving online poker rooms to grow at such a fast pace?

The affiliate programs associated with the online gaming sites are one of the major factors driving the online poker growth.Affiliate programs have been there for ages maybe since the time people started selling online. Most aspiring webmasters opt for an Amazon affiliate shopping cart or the all time favorite Google ads with a certain percentage of the website dedicated these affiliate programs. Sure some succeed but the majority of these sites don’t as there simply are too many sites doing the same thing. This is where the niche gaming blogs and sites benefit as their audience is already related to online gaming in some way or the other. Affiliate banners placed on these sites provide information in terms of promotions being offered by different sites. This results in a high percentage of click-thrus getting converted into registrations for online gaming sites. In general the major advantage of poker affiliate programs is the bottom line with payouts far exceeding Google ads.

In this way online gaming and more particularly the poker industry have become one of the largest benefactors of affiliate programs. CPA and revenue share have also been there in multiple flavors however the way these have been combined by the online poker industry is what makes poker affiliate programs so unique.

Like many other online industries, poker sites have utilized the affiliate programs to maximize their reach to players and to optimize their target clientele. The best thing about affiliate programs is the fact that payouts to affiliates are dependent on the number of players which the affiliate refers to the site. An affiliate has the opportunity to earn a percentage of the money generated for every player that they encourage to join. Unlike many of the other affiliate programs, this share of a player’s money is not limited to a single purchase or a few months, it is for the entire lifetime of that player. Lifetime revenue is what sets the poker affiliate industry apart from other affiliate programs. By earning a cut of a poker sites revenue the affiliates can earn significant amounts of money spread over any period of time. This is particularly true of upcoming poker affiliate programs such as the Smoothcall poker affiliate program.

Affiliates are aware that the more players they attract the more money they make, so it is in their best interest to attract as many as possible. This effect generates a win-win situation for both parties i.e. the card room and the affiliate.


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