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The Real Reason to Build A Targeted Email List

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Posted by steve on May 5, 2011 at 7:33 pm

Your online business is like any other offline business. You can easily go to the next level with less work if gain the trust of your customers. There are many parallels between offline and online marketing; for example, building a list of people interested in your offer works in both cases. The amazing advantage of having a list of subscribers is that you become known by them, they will soon recognize your name, and listen to what you tell them.

If you give them what they want, they will give you what you want in the form of higher profits. People brag about having ten thousand visitors per day but that means nothing if they never revisit your site List building is the number one free method that will allow you to become a big boy. A visitor to your site may just be curious or only interested but not looking to buy; your job is to be able to follow up and convince them why your offer can benefit them. We came to the internet because of the versatility and leverage it gives us; leverage a list to transform a searcher into a paying subscriber.

You’ll just give away your share of the market to your competitors. Do you follow any Internet Marketers? I bet you follow them by being on their list. This is very simple, build a relationship with your visitors or lose a boatload of potential profits. Following are a few tactics to get you started; don’t underestimate, because of their simplicity, what they can do for you. A great Tools for help you with this is AffiloJetPack, you can see all detail in my site.

Creating your list is associated with creating traffic. A quality marketing list is dependent upon the quality of your traffic. Traffic that is not targeted to your market/offer will be guaranteed to produce dismal list marketing results. They will not be interested in your offers. What you want to do is create a list that’s interested in your offers/products. Anything else and it is not targeted. It’s all about having quality rather than quantity. It’s not hard to find online marketers with comparatively small lists that are highly targeted, and these people make a killing from those ‘small’ lists. Still, you can find lots of marketers with lists of many thousands of people but their lists are untargeted. It’s all about how responsive your list is, not size. Remember that AffiloJetPack is a wonderful tool for your business.

Starting to build your email list is only the first step; you also need to be clear about how you will be monetizing it. There are a lot of different ways to make money from a list, but perhaps the best way is through affiliate marketing. Doing product reviews for your list is one method. It does work because they will buy from you. The point of it is offer help to your list members, and also to recommend them to your offer. There needs to be a balance between the content you offer and affiliate products you suggest. You can also try putting ads in your ezines or finding joint venture partners. Overall, you should view your list building activities as the prime focus of your online business. If you really want results, be sure to spend your time and effort on building a targeted list.

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