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The similarities between shared hosting or dedicated web servers ?

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Posted by steve on May 22, 2011 at 7:13 am

One of the frequently asked questions when choosing a hosting environment, is whether to opt for a shared, or dedicated server setup. There are many factors to consider when making this choice, for example a dedicated server can be completely overkill for some setups, where as in some cases, shared hosting will not give you the resources needed for running your website.

The cost for hosting

Possibly the most prominent consideration in selecting business website hosting is going to be your budget . The price of a hosting environment can vary dramatically from different solutions, and of course with different levels of companies. The quality between business class hosting and standard shared hosting is quite great. Business class webhosting will offer much great support and the reliability of the service will be second to none but does come at a premium. A tight budget is normally used with standard shared hosting. Are you hosting your website for personal use or business? Critical business website should be hosted with a business class host. If the website is just for a personal blog, do you really need to pay a premium to get it hosted? If not then it is safe to say that a shared web host would be fine.

Another consideration is whether you require a dedicated server or shared hosting. Does your website need to have access to a large amount of resources? A busy website is not normally suitable for shared hosting. If your website only gets a handful of visitors a day then a dedicated server will be a waste. With that, dedicated servers attract a higher price tag, where as shared hosting will cost you significantly less.

Managed or unmanaged dedicated servers

With real business class hosting, getting a managed dedicated server is normally the best. With a managed dedicated hosting server you will find that the server gets taken care by the hosting provider. Management levels vary, but you can choose between just having security updates and patching, right through to having your websites tweaked and taken care of. With a managed hosting server, price will increase. Should you be experienced admin then you would probably opt for an unmanaged dedicated server. This option is much more price effective, but you will have to take care of everything from security and updates, through to any issues with the operating system itself. Hardware and network issues are still the responsibility of the hosting company. On a shared hosting platform the server level security and hardware issues will be dealt with by the hosting company. However the security of your website will be your responsibility.

Virtual dedicated servers the other option

The other alternative to review is virtual dedicated servers. This is looked upon as the middle ground. You won’t have dedicated hardware but you get your own dedicated amount of resources. Of course you’ll be separated from other hosting accounts that might cause issues in a shared environment. Virtual dedicated servers being middle of the road options mean the resources you get for the price reflect this and can normally get upgraded with ease.

Finding a shared or dedicated hosting provider

Having now made a decision on which route to take you need to look for a host to meet your needs. Remember you need to do research and ask the host some questions and test them out. . A host worth its weight in silver should give you a confident feeling with the hosting solution they are offering.

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