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Top Ways To Easily Search The Net For Cars

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Posted by steve on August 6, 2011 at 11:00 am

The days of sifting through the classifieds for your next car have most certainly all but been replaced by the net. Besides being able to find your local dealer already in place online, other techniques such as Facebook, Twitter or email marketing are working to establish a connection with potential car buyers.

Aside from social media and physical websites, there are many ways to efficiently and quickly find the right vehicle for you. Down below, you’ll find some of my top tips to mull over and help you opt for the most effective auto website against the lesser ones:

1. Concise, Yet Showy Car Inventory Pages: Whether you’re typing in Ford Dealer in Dallas or Chevy Kansas City into the Google database, whichever local dealer you settle on would do well to give you a grand new/pre-owned inventory page as a starting point. The inventory page must have a standout display of each model, with a number of detailed photos of the car’s exterior and interior, options to build a car based off of trim, price, vehicle specs and so on. And not to sound too obvious, but the homepage of the auto website must have easy to find inventory links to direct the consumer towards.

2. Make Yourself Available!: This one sounds pretty easy enough, but a good auto website has multiple outlets for the customer to contact should they be interested in a model on their lot. Whether it’s emails with swift response times on down to toll free and direct phone numbers, the elite automotive websites make their presence known by being as available as possible to shoppers.

3. Facebook And Twitter Say Hello: Twitter, Facebook and other social media megaliths help connect consumers with both the dealership and the automotive website they are searching for. From sharing future model lineups to explaining current holiday sales events, social media is just one more way an automotive website can help ease the search process for consumers.

So, while you’re worried about searching for a new or Kansas City Chevy or elsewhere, just know that the right website can make all the difference between a potential sale or possible lead elsewhere.

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