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Unique Strategies to Build Backlinks

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Posted by steve on February 26, 2011 at 9:56 pm

If you’re hoping to drive more traffic to your Internet marketing site it’s time to understand the importance of building quality backlinks to your site. The many different methods available to you like PPC, article marketing, and video marketing all have a few strengths to note as well as a few weaknesses. It’s well known that search engine optimization is critical for driving traffic to your site but you’ll need to build quality links to make that happen. These simple tips will help you build quality backlinks that are targeted for your site. 

Writing articles and placing them in article directories is one of the best methods for getting backlinks to your site. This is because these backlinks are good and search engines really like them.Most of the article directories like and are considered to be authority sites, which says that if you get a backlink from them, it will go a long way. In addition, when your articles get published in these article directories you might even get them republished by other webmasters and blog owners. When your articles are in the syndication process, you will gain numerous backlinks from different places which will take your backlink building efforts to the next level. 

Get the word out there to make your site more well known. The more people know about your site, the higher will be the chances of them linking to you. Allow site referalls from your visitors via tell a friend forms on your site. Run a PPC campaign to get noticed and up in front of your audience. It is imperative that you get your site exposed to your target market as much as you possibly can. 

Last but not the least; many webmasters and bloggers run contests where they giving away prize money or gifts such as iPods to their link partners. This is how the contest usually works; you ask the other webmasters to link to your site and then you will choose a lucky winner from all of the sites that chose to link to you and give out a prize. This is a simple plan for getting relevant backlinks and attracting link partners. Just make sure that all those people participating in the contest actually qualify for it. 

Now you’ve learned that it is very important to build backlinks for your site and even more important that you build them the right way. These tips will get you off to a great start. As you go along you’ll realize that there are many different ways to get backlinks and in order to get the best results you will have to experiment and see what works for you. Just be careful that you don’t do too much too fast; focus on quality instead.

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