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Unleashing Your Traffic Magnet Strategy To Increase Visitors To Your Website.

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Posted by steve on May 25, 2011 at 8:26 am

Becoming a traffic magnet is an idea that anyone with a website should want.  Attracting traffic is much easier than having to fight for it and it’s easy when you think of your customer’s way of seeing things.  Why aren’t they buying from you?  

First, you should use an analytics program.  This gives you insight into why people leave without buying.  If you can do that, you can solve the problem.  Google’s free analytics is available to the public at no cost.  If you have the data from visitors, you can improve the performance of your sites and make more money.

Now, find where your audience is already going.  Do searches for your main keyword terms (if you sell executive leather office chairs, doing a search for chair would work) and see what sites pop up.  Visit the 3 sites that show up first.  Look for advertising on the page, if someone else is advertising there, you should be able to, too.  If they have that there, you can promote your site on theirs and gain an instant traffic source that already has authority in the eyes of your customers.  You might find social sites where you can become involved with their audience for free.

Do you know what a Google alert is?  Google’s alerts service lets you know when people use keywords you want to know about.  Imagine this:  Your prospect goes to a forum and asks something related to your products.  A notice is sent to let you know about it and you can go answer the question.  You also get to leave a link to your website.  Go and setup questions as Google Alerts!  Go to Yahoo Answers to find what questions have already been asked about what you sell by searching for your base keyword term.  The key is to take a piece of the question and wrap it in quotes, that tells Google to only send you alerts with that exact term included in it and will save you from having to dig through alerts you don’t need or want (example:  “how do i get traffic”).  The best part is that Google already knows that the question is there, so it will be back to find your link to your site and will give you credit for it.

This is the most obvious step that nobody ever thinks about.  In May of 2007, Google implemented a massive change to their search engine that was called “Universal Search”.  They took their individual search engines (video, news, blogs, etc…) and put it all into one gigantic index of the web.  If you’ve searched for anything on Google, you’ve seen some of the news or video results mixed right in with the standard web results.  This revealed to us marketers that we should target video, news, blogs, local listings to get ranked easier.  Think about it, there are a lot less press releases and videos targeting your keyword terms then websites.  Use this to your advantage and create videos about your products.

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