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Posted by steve on August 9, 2011 at 8:40 am

Bum marketing

Article Marketing is performed through the use of article directory sites. You initially write articles concerning your niche, which is what your internet site is designed around and what products you need to market. For instance, if you sell a recipe book, then you want to write articles about recipe books, cooking, or something identical. Once you write the article, you’ll post it to most article directories with a link back aimed at your web. Not only can this targeted traffic your site, but it also will give you a few back links to your web site, that may move you up closer to the peak page of search engines like yahoo.

Video Marketing

In order to increase website traffic, you may use video marketing as one method to do this. Of course, you need the video to deal with what your website niche is or has to offer. For instance, should you have a fitness site where you sell a fitness e-book or a diet book, you could make a video of someone working out or planning meals in line with the book. Then you need to place the videos at some top video sharing sites.

It’s important that when you place your videos on sharing sites that you find sites that cater to your particular niche. The keywords that you apply as your tagging are important for people to search for the video that will link back aimed at your website. Should you be a beginner to this type of marketing, then you might consider hiring a video marketing company that may help you at first.

Look for Cheap Advertising Space

Many websites and blogs offer cheap advertising rates. When you can find some websites or blogs to advertise your website, the results could increase the traffic to your site. The result that you want from any advertising method is traffic aimed at your web. However, you also want your costs to be low. If the cost is low enough and the website is a PR 3 or higher, this is a powerful way to increase traffic. You do want to be competitive with other sites, but you should be comparable to other websites that have the identical services or products.

Take your campaigns viral with advertising on other websites, or by posting to article directory sites. If you possess the means to write up to 3 to 4 articles a day, you could see an increase in traffic in a rather short time. You have to match any marketing plan. If you choose video marketing, you will have to keep an eye on the traffic to see if it is working, but if you keep at it you will increase website traffic and reap the rewards.

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