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Using Keywords In Page Titles

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Posted by steve on April 5, 2011 at 12:14 am

One thing that is often overlooked when putting keywords into web pages is adding them into the page title. When inserting keywords, most use the meta tag for the purpose, but by using the title tag (accessed by putting the text between the <title> and </title> tags) whatever is put there shows up in the title bar of your browser.

It is critical that the appropriate title text is chosen for the title tag, as it is used by web crawlers for the title of your page in their listings. Plus, search engines use the title tag when ranking the page. Each page on your website should be search engine optimised; therefore each page should have a title tag that uses relevant keywords in addition to those placed in the content itself, so that you have the best chance of drawing traffic to your website. It is the combination of those words, phrases and content that draws in visitors, so for each page you have to make sure the relevant keywords and phrases are captured.

A common mistake made by businesses is to put only their business name into the title tag on each page. Anyone who visits the site won’t take much notice of what the business is called, until they have decide whether or not to bookmark your website. By all means put it in the title of your home page, but you’re wasting an opportunity by not putting appropriate keywords into the title tag of your information, product or service pages. It is OK to put it on the home page, but you’ll rank higher in a search listing when you use the relevant keyword on the appropriate page.

The important thing to remember is to devote the first three positions in the title for your keywords; avoid such words as ‘and’ or ‘at’.

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