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Valuable Pointers On The Actual Value Of Joint Venture Giveaways

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Posted by steve on June 18, 2011 at 9:24 am

Customers are the reason that you stay in business. Getting a lead on your target market is not always an easy process. It’s a long and rather difficult process to build a list. A really good way to compose a list, however, is to think about joint venture giveaways.

This Sounds like a Good Idea, But What Does It Involve?

The name makes it sound great but what exactly does it mean? Simply put, a joint venture giveaway happens when business owners provide their products at no charge, to attract potential customers. Through a partnership with other business owners, you can reach members of their community and spread the word that way. In turn, your community learns about the other joint venture partners participating.

Remember that everybody likes something that is free and so will your potential prospects. But we’re not talking about just any old freebie. Joint venture giveaways are an opportunity to showcase what you have to offer. This is your chance to show off your skills and talents to a brand-new set of eyes and ears and you should make sure that the giveaway has real value, accordingly.

It’s common to establish joint venture giveaways around particular holidays or events such as a Telesummit. Since the events we are discussing are online events, the free giveaways are almost always digital in nature. As a consequence, the recipients can receive your offering right away.

Think of some of the products you could feature. For example, article packs or e-books are very welcome and if you are not capable of writing them yourself, you can source them from a PLR site. Have you ever made a video? What about an interview that you made with somebody and recorded? These are all very popular and easy to pull together giveaways. And to take advantage of this quickly, seriously consider taking on someone looking for virtual assistant training with hands on experience, or even a team looking for virtual assistant training jobs, to maximise your efforts in a very short span of time.

How You Can Participate

A joint venture can either be generic or specific. For instance, some joint ventures are created to inform people about creating traffic for their website or how to get free publicity. Others might be more general such as self improvement or health. Be creative, always on the lookout and you will come across a number of potential joint venture giveaway ideas.

You have two ways of getting involved in a joint venture giveaway. First you can participate and get involved. Find out what is being offered, sign up and take advantage of the giveaways. You may find that you will learn about new tools, memberships and products that can help you in your business.

You could always contribute to a joint venture giveaway. As a contributor you would be one of the many business people offering a free giveaway. When you agree to give away something, members will be required to opt in to your list in order to receive it. Just think how valuable this could be in helping to build your list and to impress potential clients at the same time. A possible solution, or perhaps – a perfect solution, is to hire a virtual assistant training organisation to find you some experienced help, fast!

Even if you are an absolute newcomer, you can benefit from joint venture giveaways whenever you are very serious about building your list and growing your business empire. If you learn of a joint venture giveaway in process, do not be afraid to ask if you could contribute. While some events are closed, many business owners will be honored that you wanted to participate and welcome you to join in, especially if you have good content to offer. It really is a case of the more the merrier, as the number of participating businesses grow, the reach of the audience expands exponentially.

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