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Ways Almost Anyone Can Make Easy Money on the Internet

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Posted by steve on April 25, 2011 at 9:39 pm

It’s a dream that’s been around since the dawn of time, or at least since humans started using money as a medium of exchange; making fast easy money, and lots of it . With the advent of the Internet, that dream of fast, easy money can be a reality for more people than ever before. One of the great things about pursuing a business online is that you can begin with very little money, at home, and rapidly grow your business until you are making an excellent, full time income. If you play your cards right, you won’t have to work full time to do it either.

Oh, you may have to put in substantial effort at first to get everything rolling, and the money may not be truly easy, but earning money on the Internet is a relatively simple process. Unlike most businesses you won’t need to stock inventory, build or rent a store front, or hire employees (at some point you may want to, however). One of the most powerful things about an Internet business, and one that helps account for their amazing growth potential, is the speed at which you can measure changes from different marketing techniques, publicity initiatives, or new product introductions. With a traditional business you may be left wondering for weeks or nmonths whether or not a particular technique, advertisement, or marketing channel is effective. Because of the speed of the Internet, and the tracking facilities avaiable to marketers, with an on line business, you can know this almost instantly. Such speed really helps you t focus your budget and other resources on what is effective and shift resources away from what isn’t.

There are many great ways to make fast, easy money on the Internet, but here are three of the best . They were chosen for their simplicity, earnings potential, and effectiveness when starting with little or no money.You can keep waiting to hit the lucky lotto numbers every week, or you can look into starting a real business. Many people make hundreds of extra dollars a week using these methods, while putting in only an hour or two a week. Some people have embraced a more ambitious approach, and are earning many, many times this amount. You can decide how much money you want to make.

Many folks have harnessed the power of the Internet to decipher the intricacies of the stock market , too, but if you want to start investing in the stock market, you’ll need some pretty specialized training if you want to make any money . There are much safer ways for beginners to profit online .

One proven way to make money on the Internet is through the use of affiliate marketing, also known as “selling other people’s stuff”. You can do this from a website, an email, or you can have a blog. You just do the referring. It isn’t necessary to do any of the other functions you may want to stay away from, like customer service, sales support, or shipping products . Thatnks to the advances in technology, virtually anyone can do it. You don’t need any specialized knowlege or computer programming experience, although having passion for a subject or two will be a definite help . If your referral generates the desired response , the affiliate (you!) earns a commission. Yes, it’s really that easy! . The desired response can be a product sale or service subscription, a lead, or virtually anything else .

Most companies pay a percentage of the order’s sales price for an affiliate commission, but some pay a set fee . Leads generated by the affiliate are usually paid on a per lead basis. Lead referral fees range from a few cents per lead to over $50 per lead, depending on the product. Before the mortgage collapse, many affiliates were making referral fees upwards of $80 for sending leads to mortgage brokers and lenders. At $80 each, you can see how your affiliate payments could add up in a hurry. Fewer industries pay that much now, but there is still a healthy amount of money to be made.

Another way to make a large amount of money online in a short period of time is to start your own online storefront. Don’t worry, you won’t need a garage full of merchandise and a UPS account to make this happen. Most people who are successful using an online storefront use vendors called drop shippers. Drop shippers take care of fulfilling your orders for you. They store, pack, and ship the products ordered by your customers without you ever touching it. They’ll even include one of your invoices so it looks like the products your customer ordered were shipped directly from your warehouse (which you don’t even have).

It works like this: When a visitor to your website orders something, you simply process the customer’s credit card and email the order along to the appropriate vendor along with the customer’s ship to address. You’ll pay the fulfillment company either with a credit card or on account.The customer receives the product. You pocket the difference between the vendor’s price and your sales price to the customer. Doesn’t that sound pretty darn easy? Unlike affiliate marketing, you have to handle any customer service issues which may crop up, In return for this however, you get four major advantages.

You get a larger percentage of the sale, because you can charge whatever your market will bear, and the difference between that and what you buy the product for is normally larger than the money you make as an affiliate. That’s all well and good, but it is not the most powerful advantage. That comes from the fact that you get to build your own customer list, because the cuistomer is actually buying form you. Having a customer is much better than havving to get a new one everytime you want to make a sale, as you do with most affiliate programs. Since they are yiour customer, you can market to them over and over again.

Near total control of your products and services is another powerful advantage of having a virtual storefront type of business . With an affiliate program, you are at the mercy of a merchant , who may terminate their affiliate program, change the terms at will, or drop you from the program. Any of this can cost you plenty in time and other resources. The final advantage is that since you are actually seling the products, you can have your own affiliates. That is very powerful, since they are a sales force that markets you company and procucts, yet you don’t  have to apy them unless they actually sell something.

The third way to make fast, easy money on the Internet is using online pay per click advertising . The best known of these programs are Google’s Adsense and Yahoo Search Marketing (known as Overture in the good, old days), although many other exist. You’ve probably seen these ads many times, in fact, they’re probably some of these ads on the page you’re looking at now. They are the small ads strewn throughout many websites , either along the side, or grouped in blocks within the page’s content.  Adsense ads have a small “Ads by Google” tag line under the ads, making them a cinch to spot .

Okay, so you simply put these ads on your website and every time someone clicks on one of them, you get paid . Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It’s usually only a few cents or so per click, but highly trafficked websites that have highly paid ads can generate huge amounts of revenue .  The fly in the PPC ointment is that you normaly have to have a site that gets huge traffic numbers before you make much money at all, nevermind making a living. You’ll likely need to have many thousands of visitors a day to even consider this as a viable source of revenue you could make a living at .

The great thing is that you don’t have to worry about selling anything. You just provide your website’s visitors with valuable information and a way to leave your site when they are finished. When they do, you’ll most likely make some money. Back in the day, the most successful Google Adsense publishers were reported to make thousands of dollars a week. In fact, Google used to send paychecks UPS Next Day Air to publishers that made over $10,000 per month. Those that got paid this way were members of the informal “UPS Club”.

Just from these three ways, you can see there is tremendous potential to make fast, easy money on the Internet. Thousands of small entrepreneurs are making great livings on line, and haven’t had a day job in years. You could be next.

Do you already have a blog ? If you have a blog, may already be making some money from it , no matter what the subject . In fact, if it is an older, established blog that gets a bit of traffic, but isn’t really earning any money, then chances are, you’re sitting on a veritable gold mine! It’s true, you can probably earn a ton of money, without alienating your existing subscribers and regular visitors. It is super easy to do, and then virtually runs itself. You can just make a few simple adjustments to your existing blog, and wait for the money to finally roll in. If that sounds great to you discover more about how you can do it right now at the Make a Profit From A Blog Insider’s Secrets Guide now!

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