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What is Cost Per Click Advertising?

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Posted by steve on April 2, 2011 at 7:07 pm

Are you looking to run cost effective Cost per Click advertising campaigns online? So how the hell does PPC Advertising work?

Pay per click advertising is simply a a tracking tool used online to track clicks to particular website pages or campaigns. Typically you would then only pay for each individual click that is delivered to your website. possibly the best example of cost per click advertising is Google Adwords, which is keyword cost per click advertising.

Cost Per Click Experts in the UK

There are a number of cost-per-click agencies operating in the UK running pay per click ads for their clients. Many of these online advertising agencies are simply CPC or PPC experts operating relevant Google Adwords campaigns on behalf of large clients while others have their own networks to run relevant ppc search engine advertising on.

We spoke to their Dan Edwards, managing director at Universal Media Online, a Guildford based cost per click agency about their range of services and ppc campaigns.

“At Universal Media Online we offer cost per click advertising and pay per click services in the form of keyword contextual advertising as well as cost per click advertising solutions for online banner advertising and targeted email.

“We have access to 5.5 million opted in users in the UK to target with keyword contextual advertising, over 20 million opted in users across Europe and USA to target with keyword contextual advertising and access to 80 million internet users planetary to target with cost per click banner adverts.”

One of the many benefits of working with agencies such as Universal Media Online is that because they offer a one-stop solution that incorporates many online marketing needs such as banners, email and keyword advertising, marketers can be sure of a hassle free online campaign based on dealing with online advert experts.

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