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What is Social Media and Why Should You Care?

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Posted by steve on March 25, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Over the past year and a half it seems no matter where you turn someone is talking about Twitter. Whether it’s some celebrity like Paris Hilton (ok, she’s not really a celebrity) , a big company like Whole Foods , or a little person like you or me, it seems as if everyone and everything is spending tons of time on Twitter.

But what is Twitter Exactly?

Twitter is a free micro-blogging social networking site that allows its users to post short messages, called Tweets, which let the Tweeter communicate quickly with their friends, family, co-workers and business associates, or whoever happens to be following them. Oh, did I mention that these posts must be must be 140 characters or less?

Twitter is one of the fastest growing sites on the cyberspace, with over 20 million current users and hundreds of thousands of people joining every day worldwide. In fact, according to recent data, this past February, Twitter was growing at over 1000% per calendar month. That’s pretty amazing!

There are many uses for Tweets and Twitter which include things like using the service to do things ranging from letting their friends know what time to meet up for a movie to sharing a website with family members to staying in contact with customers.  And, if you decide to use a social media manager, chances are you will be able to set up an outstanding social media campaign.

Internet marketers and business owners have tapped ino the power of Twitter in order to find potential customers in their target niche and begin forming a relationship, even prior to making any sort of sale.  If you use the best Twitter apps you might even be able to avoid having to do all of this “Tweeting stuff” on your own .

In fact, Twitter has become so crucial and so widely used that many active Twitter members even use professional Twitter software and services to grow their follower base and send out their Tweets.

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